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Overbrain Unplugged is a student attending a four year program at a university in the greater Los Angeles area.

Inworld, she owns and operates Hypersonic Space Systems, a maker of aerospace instruments, vehicles, megastructures, sculpted products and scripted systems for aerospace effects. Overbrain also is a senior manager for Aspects, adminning their 3DBuildEasy and Ferox sandbox sims, building products for their various companies, as well as teaching customers how to use the companys SculptCrafter products for sculpting inworld.

Overbrain is a proud retired/alumnus of the Merczateers Tactical Forces, Air Division, where she contributed to the group's preeminent status in the SL combat community.

"Obie" as she is also known, has been very active in SWRP aka Star Wars Role Play within the SL community, formerly being High Chancellor of the Galactic Alliance, she is presently Senator for Tython in the New Republic, and chair of the Senate Defense Committee where she is actively organizing the New Republic Grand Fleet for defense of Republic worlds.

Other than that, she pretty much does it for the lulz.

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