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About Poppy Zabelin

I was rezzed on April 6, 2007. I'm a volunteer program director for the American Cancer Society in Second Life, responsible for support groups, and chair/moderator of SL's Cancer Survivors Group. I also volunteer for Relay For Life of Second Life. In 2011, we had participants from over 30 countries and raised over $375,000 real US dollars!

SL Activities

  • Volunteer program director for support groups for the American Cancer Society in Second Life
  • Owner and Moderator, SL's Cancer Survivors Group (now inactive)
  • Founder member and co-owner, SL's Cancer Caregivers Group
  • Lead moderator, ACS Cancer Support Network (replaces SLCSG)
  • Co-owner and advisor, ACS Makeover Magic
  • Volunteer, Relay For Life of Second Life
  • Member of Planning Committee for Relay For Life of Second Life
    • 2007: Chair, Survivor/Caregiver Area
    • 2008: Chair, Survivor/Caregiver Area
    • 2009: Chair, International Relations Committee
    • 2010: Chair, PR/Communications Area
    • 2011: Chair, PR/Marketing Area

Skills and Interests

  • Languages: English, Dutch, some French
  • Don't ask me to build anything. My building skills suck :(

External Links

Real Life

  • The human behind Poppy Zabelin is based in the UK and the Netherlands
  • >30 years experience as an Acquisitions Editor, Publisher, and Director of an international Scientific, Technical and Medical book and journal publisher
  • Edits and writes patient education materials and edits a newsletter for a UK health charity
  • Patient advocacy and committee work for several UK health charities and patient support organizations
  • Secretary-Director of an international health advocacy group and chair of the board of trustees for a UK health charity