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About me

ppmediadev Blinker - avatar

Hi there, and welcome to my WIKI-page.

The first thing most people ask me is how to pronounce my avatar name. One piece of advice; don't even try it (your tongue might get stuck in the worst possible way), just call me "Phil". Second Life is for me an extension of my "real life", being the same guy in both realities. On this page you'll find more info about me, my involvement in Second Life and my Second Life projects.


"The computer industry has frequently borrowed from mythology: Witness the sprites in computer graphics, the demons in artificial intelligence, and the trolls in the marketing department." - Jeff Meyer

In "real life" I'm a consultant/writer in media & marketing. I design Second Life installations for real life companies, being part of the Business Solution Provider Program, I also give training in and write articles on the use of Second Life for business purposes. I just love my job, so if you're looking for some marketing advice, have a product idea, want to introduce a real life company in Second Life or have questions/comments on other aspects of marketing, feel free to drop me a notecard/send me a mail.

Beta testing

"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning." - Rich Cook

What's even worse then being an idiot? Being an idiot with the goal to be an idiot... I'm one of those that love blue screens, crashes and re-installs while testing out all kinds of new software and applications. I've been a member of several closed beta's and public beta's. I also test scripted creations in Second Life, and when testing, I try to test from a end-user point of view, trying to comment on the user experience. Outside of Second Life, I'm testing the soon-to-be-released game "Battlefield Heroes", which is currently in closed beta, phase 2.

Art promotion

"A work of art is never really finished; it is abandoned." - Brooke McEldowney

Both in real life and in Second Life I'm active in the arts scene. Not as an artist, and surely not as one spending big money on arts, but as a promotor. I try to use modern media and technologies to give artists bigger exposure, and allow art lovers to have a taste of art which they maybe otherwise never would have seen. Under the title "My Projects", you'll find more information.

My Second Life Projects

Da Vinci Isle

Da Vinci Isle

Da Vinci Isle is an event and exhibition center in Second Life. At Da Vinci Isle, we try to bring a wide range of every type of art (music, poetry, literature and visual arts), and we also try to "cross over realities", working together with several real life art-orientated organizations. Da Vinci Isle has three halls (of various sizes) used for exhibitions, conferences and other events. There are also two venues, Bookworm Cafe & Idylls Club, used for comedy gigs, music and readings.

Vitruvius, Arts Journal for the Metaverse - cover issue 3

Vitruvius, Arts Journal for the Metaverse

Vitruvius first started as the magazine of Da Vinci Isle, but soon expanded to become a real journal about the arts. Vitruvius is published four times a year, and distributed for free on the internet and in Second Life. Vitruvius is all about the arts, and brings a provocative mix of poetry, literature, visual arts and art-related journalism. (i.e. "ways to sell art"). The team behind Vitruvius includes several real life writers and editors, and also Second Life "art scene members".

Standing Stone Studios

Standing Stone Studio's is one of the latest projects I'm working on, and focusses on getting Second Life artists into the real life arts scene and vice versa. Currently this project is still in start-up phase, and we're working hard to get all legal and administrative matters ready-to-go.

Once this project is "up and running", Standing Stone Studios will support all types of artists in a practical way helping them publish and sell their work both to a real life and Second Life audience.

Hondo Mesa Records

Hondo Mesa Records is the record label of my good friend, Dennis Kinsey, in Second Life known as "HondoMesa Kidd". The record label focusses on jazz, blues and acoustic music. Several of the label's recording artists are also live performers in Second Life.

All records are also available as a Second Life CD (including MP3-downloads) thanks to SLevolution Technology.

My Second Life Places

Hall 1,2,3 @ Da Vinci Isle

These halls are used for exhibitions and other events. If you're looking for a place to have an in-world conference, product presentation or fair... be sure to check these out. Please note that due to a busy schedule, reservations need to be made at least 3 weeks in advance. (a month would be even better).

Bookworm Cafe & Idylls Club

At the Bookworm Cafe and at Idylls Club we have regular live music events, comedy gigs and poetry and other readings/events. Come over to check the schedule for upcoming events.

"Real life" art-related places

Residential sims (Hyperion Estates)



I live in Holland, which means my timezone is GMT +1, or SLT +9. I'm mostly online during weekdays from 1AM. SLT till 10AM SLT. Please note my messages always get capped, it is best to drop me a notecard.

  • If you're interested in sending your demo to Hondo Mesa Records, it is best to contact the HMR Head Honcho, Dennis Kinsey, in-world known as HondoMesa Kidd


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  • Skype: ppmediadev


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