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Hey, you've found me!

Salut mes amis! Je m'appelle Prophet Pessoa - qui je suis?

I'm sure your curiousity about all things Prophet is just bubbling over, so let me give you a frothy espresso insight on who I am and how I can help you enjoy to the maximum your experience in Second Life.


I am a enigma to be sure - part cotton candy (sugary and sweet) and part Long Island Iced Tea (smooth in the beginning, but before you know it drives a hard punch to rattle your bones!). I am quick-witted, open-minded, and always eager to discuss anything and everything. I prize honesty and sincerity over all else - the truth may be bitter at times, but it is always given out of love and affection. :)

I am fiercely loyal to my friends, a Romantic who loves poetry and moonlight walks, and will never turn down an opportunity to entertain. (I am known for makng a complete fool of myself and losing major 'cool points' if it will brighten up someone else's day.) Life is too short to be stodgy - so I try to always keep things light-hearted and fun!

I love to dance and rock out at live music events, and when you bump into me, that is probably what I will be doing. Dancing + Music = Prophet's Heaven.

I also enjoy adventure - so don't be surprised if you see me doing triple salchows on the ice (ice skating is a blast!), crashing and burning on a SIM near you (handgliding is another passion of mine), or dodging the police as they TRY to catch me on my motobike (motorcycles RULE!) As I like to say, "Ride Hard, Ride Fast, and Always Keep a Lookout for the Cops". LOL

I am adept at learning teaching myself Chinese, Greek, and Italian at the moment. Languages spoken? Let's just say I speak a lot of languages enough to get my point across, a few languages very well, and one language fluently. I prefer to converse in English and French, but am always eager to learn new languages.


My mind is like a sponge - just dripping with knowledge and absorbing everything around me. I don't know everything there is to know about our world, but if I don't know it, you can rest assured I will exhaustively research it until I do know it.

If you have questions, or need advice, tips, and support, I will be there for you. I have an 'open-ear policy' which means no matter where I am, or what I am doing, don't hesitate to come up to me, introduce yourself, and bombard me with questions until my ear bleeds.

When I set out to learn something new, I engulf myself in the pursuit - living it, breathing it, and tasting every single morsel until I can 'walk the walk AND talk the talk.'

I love helping out and making new friends.


This is just an espresso shot of who I am. If you would like a double shot, come find me in Second Life.

I look forward to meeting you!

Giggle Giggle