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This article extends the JIRA article regarding Pen Mode in SL:

This article is to take ideas for what Pen Mode is second life could be used for. Or extra features that would enhance the use of a tablet/touchscreen.


I wouldn't mind seeing a poll to see who uses what devices and whether they'd liek to use that device with the SL client.

Camera Control

For now, here's a copy and paste from the JIRA issue: In Pen mode, SL should recognize where the cursor is and only use changes in it's position on the screen as movement changes, so a user can just drag the camera with a pen or even a finger to rotate, track or pan the camera. Most Wacom products now feature touchstrips for zooming and buttons for CTRL, ALT and SHIFT so changing camera movement type or even edit mode quickly is possible with tablets, I don't know if tablet PCs feature these same "feature buttons". Programs like photoshop, painter and 3DSMax can detect when the cursor is controlled by a graphics tablet for wacom devices, again as I have no experience with tablet PCs, I don't know if the same holds true. So seamless switching between modes may be possible.

Other Feature Ideas

  • In-world Sculpty editor (not creator though) could be used to touch up existing sculpties without having to re-upload.