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Follow the passage ahead to learn how you can verify your Second Life account to be able to access all content. (Be sure Streaming Media is enabled, from Edit / Preferences / Audio & Video)

Either "Payment Info" or "Age" verification will preserve an account's ability to access all content. Verifying by Payment Info is explained ahead and to the left, and by Age to the right.

your account does not appear to have payment info on file. (A script cannot determine if you are "age" verified.)

your account has payment info on file, so you can already access "Adult" content.

your account has payment info used, so you can already access "Adult" content.

Use the Second Life website to provide nation-specific identity information to a third-party company (Aristotle) to show you are over 18. (click sign for link)

Payment info can be associated with the Second Life account itself (detailed ahead and to the left), or with an XstreetSL account (to the right).

Verify by linking a credit card or PayPal funding source to your Second Life account. Click the sign for a link.

Verify using a credit card or PayPal to deposit funds at XstreetSL. Click the sign for a link.

In the 1.23 viewer, residents must select the maturity of content they want to be able to see, as detailed in the next two stations.

Setting the Rating preference determines the maturity of content that can be accessed. Select "PG, Mature and Adult" to get to all destinations, and to enable all Search options.

To enable all search terms and see all results, be sure all "maturity" boxes are checked. Or to see only Adult results, for example, clear the PG and Mature boxes.

To test if an account is successfully verified and set for adult access, try to teleport to the Arapaima infohub, an adult region. (Touch the map for a landmark.)

Click the sign for more information and help about Adult verification.