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Welcome to my user page!

Who am I? Well I'm still looking into that. I've been in Second Life since 10/24/2007. I have an in-world store where I sell various things which are usually of the silly type. There are a few things that are so called 'normal' though. Hope you'll stop by and take a peek if you have time. I will leave a slurl once I'm done with this latest move. Currently everything is picked up. You can still check out xstreet though. The name of my store in-world is The Rabidd Tree, or otherwise called TRT. You can find it by going to

Update since last year: Ok, little information for everyone. IF you have land owned by a group, and you sell that land BE SURE TO CHANGE YOUR LAND CONTRIBUTIONS! Its very infortunate, however my wife wasn't aware of this and therefore was still paying for land not owned due to not remembering to change the land contributions to 0 .. Its my opinion that Linden Labs should make this an automatic to keep unsuspecting working class people trying to get by safe. I mean only makes sense to me, you sell land, your land owned is recognized as 0, your charges should be 0. However that's not the case here. I'll grant you, I looked it up in the knowledge base and its there in black and white text to do this but that doesn't make it right. It really wouldn't take that much to include into the billing that

if land = 0 then billable land fee's = 0 ,

however currently its set to

if group contrubutions = 16000 sq meters and land owned = 0 then billable land owned is 16000 sq meters..

I have to wonder how many other people have made this mistake or oversight and didn't realize it. It wasn't a big chunk of land like some have so the impact could have been much worse. DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE.. Check your group land contributions! It could be very costly.

I enjoy experimenting sometimes and when viewer 2 came out there were quite a few things I didn't care for. Lack of tools, or in some cases where some tools were moved to that I couldn't find. Anyhow, I came across the user skins here in the wiki so I tried one. Then I got into an experimental mood and started doing one of my own. OMG the various files the Second Life viewer uses is unreal. I had no clue, and didn't know about xml files until I began my version of a viewer 2 skin. Also thank goodness other users of Second Life figured out how to put some of the missing buttons back into the viewer. There are a few things I'd like to see back in viewer 2. Off the top of my head one would be the 'right click - pie', and another thing I miss is the display showing you your x,y,z location in whatever sim you're in. If there's an option where I can turn that on that I'm missing I'd be greatful if someone IM'ed me and told me where that is.

Update on Viewer 2: Thank goodness the x,y,z location is showing again. Glad LL added the button options too. I still find it a bit difficult to create with though. For creating, I still wish it was a little more like the original viewer. But I can deal with it as is for the most part.

Oh! A few things are coming to mind for needed changes:

1) the camera pan. I don't care for the restraints when you back your camera view away. If I want to pan back 1000m then that's what I wanna do.

2) another major thing that needs changed. Texturing objects. For example, I make some sculpties using sculptcrafter (you can look that up on xstreet and find it). Those sculpties >>REQUIRE<< a texture to be repeated 256 times on one face. With viewer 2 last I checked you are limited to 100 repeats max. This is unacceptable and will cause me to continue using Emerald (or any other viewer) for creations.

INFORMATIONAL: If you're using Emerald #2 attach points, they won't view properly when being viewed from one of the LL viewers. My wife had a dress and a ring attached to an Emerald #2 spot and I switched to LL Viewer 2 for a quick outfit change. I then panned over and viewed her and everything that was attached to an Emerald #2 spot was screwed up. Try it.

SPECIAL INFORMATION AS OF JULY 2011 - Credit Card users beware: Ya know, I used to think that companies cared about the clients that supported their business, anymore however I absolutely do NOT. People! Everyone! Be wary of putting ANY of your credit card info in. I'm going to tell you a little story. I was checking my VISA card statement with my bank, and found a charge of 147 real dollars to my card. I had no clue what that could have been because I don't do anything that amounts to that much. So I called the billing support desk. They searched my account and couldn't find anything of where that could have come from. I was told to call back the folling business day and ask for level 2 billing support desk. I did that, when I got someone on the phone I was proptly told they couldn't do anything and to submit a support ticket. Blah blah, you know the same ole routine. So once getting off the phone, I thought this just isn't right. So I called my VISA company and had the charges reversed. Then filled out a support ticket and expained that I had the charges reversed and that the charge isn't mine, and was in no way related to my account. Was the next day that I found I had been locked out of my account, and when attempting to log back in I found my account was on hold. So I called support desk again, for which I was told they couldn't help me, file a support ticket. (again blah blah bullshit same old routine). So I did that, filled out the support ticket and waited... Waited.. Waited.. Nothing, so I filled out another support ticket with an attempt at trying a different problem because with my account on hold I couldn't log into anything, anywhere, anyhow. Had to choose what was available to any guest/visiter. Days later, I got an e-mail to the effect to make the payment of the funds that was reversed with a lot of hoopla in the main body of the e-mail. In not so many words if I didn't pay the amount back I would be locked out (and this wasn't my charge in the FIRST place!) No one can find where this charge came from. So what the hell! What would YOU think? Finally I got tired of the crap, called the VISA company, had the funds re-applied and replied to the e-mail stating that I had reversed the funds, and I STILL wanted that fradulent charge looked into and then I waited.. After 4 more days finally got an e-mail that the account was unlocked. Nothing more, just that it was unlocked. Ok, well what about WHERE did that charge come from?!?! I mean I'M the one that was charged, and you have accounting, tell me what its for! Still nothing. I really don't think there IS a support desk. Just people answering phones that direct you to the freakin support reporting website. As an added note, every account related to me was also locked, wife, kids.. I'm the only one that was unlocked to date. My wife and kids are still locked out. Is this ANY way to run a business? Is this ANY way to treat the people that support your business? and most importantly, what would YOU do in this situation? I have filed 3 support tickets, and have had ONE replay saying pay or byebye, and ONE saying my account is unlocked. Where IS the support? I suggest they need to be sent to re-hab where they can be taken off the downers so tickets can actually be looked at. Its sad when a business won't even give you the time of day. Bottom line people, NEVER use your credit card information. Its really not worth it.

    • NO names were mentioned, NO business's were mentioned, THIS could be anyplace, and this is my contribution of freedom of speach to share my real experience ****

Enough babbling, below is the SL Viewer 2 re-skin that I did. If you're interested in it, be sure that you have the correct version because the files vary between versions and the wrong one will cause your viewer to completely stop in its tracks.

I've also recently added a 2nd re-skin for viewer 2. This one has a purple theme to it by request from my wife. What is it with women and purple anyhow? You can find both skins in the viewer_skins catagory.

These 2 skins will most likely be the only skins I'll be doing. I have like 12 days before my xml editor trial runs out and I just don't have 250 dollars to buy it. Soon as I hit the lotto though I'll be right on top of it!

I can normally be reached in-world by just IM'ing me or drop a notecard if you need help or find any mistakes I've made with this re-skin. I am away/busy quite often though.

Have fun!

Rabidd Alter