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About Regulus Darkstone

Regulus at MhChem

Regulus Darkstone is the avatar for Dr. Michael Russell, a chemistry professor at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon, USA. An avid proponent of student centered-learning, he constantly seeks out new learning and teaching modalities which attempt to engage the learner through novel mechanisms, especially when enacted through technology and multimedia.

Regulus Darkstone can be reached at "regulus at mhchem dot org"

Resources for Additional Information


MhChem, the home of Regulus Darkstone and the temporary home of Mt. Hood Community College within Second Life.

MHCC SL, the home of MHCC SL, the mailing list for the Mt. Hood Community College Second Life group.

World Wide Web

MhChem at Ning, a forum for creativity and exploration on the World Wide Web.