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Reynard Baroque

JIRA Submissions

Building / texturing / scripting

I have several projects at various stages, and have made a number of items for use in a Harry Potter RPG.

Completed Projects

Night stand, wizard coins and books

I have made a number of unscripted items for Harry Potter roleplaying, such as night stands in the different house colours and wizard coins - Galleons, Sickles and Knuts - as well as some scripted items.


I made this because I wanted to have a couple of books I could set out as if I had left them in a dorm room or a classroom. However, I didn't want them to always be the same. So this shows two books at a time. They will never be identical (i.e., two copies of the same book). The object contains a built-in library of cover art as well as a database of sizes and dimensions. All the titles are taken from books mentioned in the Harry Potter stories, and the prims change size to suit the relative sizes of the books. The owner of the object can change the rate at which the books change (30 seconds, 5 minutes or every hour)

Character Tool

I have also created a character tool for roleplay. It is mainly aimed at Harry Potter role play, though it could certainly be used with any other fandom RPG. It speaks in local chat with the name assigned to it; that name also always appears as the first line of the floater title above the wearer's head. The wearer can add additional lines for further information, and can select the colour they wish to use. The tool also offers a user-selectable command channel, gender selection to enforce the proper pronouns, a de-spoofing ability (i.e., if two different people choose the same character name, this mode will identify their SL names) and has a built-in hand-raising animation (for use in classes)

Points HUD

The points HUD

My most complex completed project to date is a scripted hourglass points system for Harry Potter RPG, with a HUD for teachers to award & deduct points from students. It incorporates a crude form of security (you must be a member of the teacher's group to rezz and use the HUD, otherwise it de-rezzes itself immediately), and the hourglasses also communicate with a web page for tracking the points and associated teachers' comments.

Projects In Progress

These projects are ongoing, as my enthusiasm and mood take me.


This is my first effort at building a working vehicle. By making judicious use of megaprims, I was able to give it a 60m long gasbag. The gondola seats the pilot and 3 passengers, two of which are seated side by side facing aft. The vehicle physics are set up for a close approximation of an airship - slow to respond to heading, throttle and ballasting changes. Flight instrumentation to date includes a 16-point compass, airspeed, AoG/W and engine power. The control menu is locked to the owner and includes the ability to eject unwanted passengers (by the simple expedient of making the entire vehicle phantom - including the passengers - and unseating the offending rider, who then falls out of the vehicle). Future development will include much improved textures, side and tailfin signage, navigation lights, self-righting and an instrument HUD with working graphical instruments and controls.

Xanadu Sky Island

Xanadu project

My first attempt to build a skybox, one that doesn't look like a box. This is a flying island with it's own private piece of ocean complete with surf, a spring, stream and waterfall (with mist and rainbow), a built-in source for moonlight at night, a beach, cave and bit of forest. At the moment it's 80 prims and requires a 25 x 25 footprint. It will incorporate built-in security similar to the hippoSECURE system, sound effects, a variety of controls, a set of cuddling poseballs for couples, the ability to automatically set itself at sim water level if the owner wants to use it as a pre-fab island; this will also include the ability to turn off it's built-in ocean so as not to conflict with the sim water.

Note that the campfire is not part of the build; it was put there just for looks.

Knight Bus

Building and texturing completed, scripting yet to be done. I'm still trying to decide whether to use a series of waypoint prims to mark the bus route (makes it easier to re-arrange if/when the sim layout changes) or to use a stored route (easier to script). Either way, the new llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast function should make it easier to give a non-physical vehicle smoother movement, though given that this is the Knight Bus, too smooth would be a bad idea.

I also need to re-do the build somewhat and re-do textures as well, since once again conflicting alphas are a problem.