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I'm Richie Freund from Germany. I am dedicated to the Second Life Volunteer program since Jun 08 and I made alot friendships with new residents and keep in touch with them for later mentoring. So I'm not a Q&A-only-Mentor but I help them with solutions about building, scripting, PJIRA and encourage them not to give-up too early. While the Coach role in the mentor program is gone in the late 2008, I still make classes for you.

I speak English and German is my native.

I'm building houses, sculptures, avatars and I script in LSL mainly sensors, avatar control, vendors.

Working with Bots, LibSL.

I'm economist in RL and I live in SecondLife since 12/2006. I builded and owned a public themepark for furries mainly. So questions about land are welcomed (e.g. buying and selling, searching, prices, renting, parcel management, Primfinder, musicstream and the traps with ban, access, age-verification, concierge).

I'm furry in SL. So questions regarding furry-avatars, dragon-avatars, shops, fullprim-body, furry-locations are welcomed.