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About me

Risa Oppewall.jpg

born 2007/06/13

Languages 日本語 Japanese,I use translation(Strange English)

Interests create,model,fashion,Beauty :)

My favorite things are fashion and shopping. I'm also the staff and model at ROCA STUDIO and have my own store, RiSa's*. At ROCA STUDIO, I'm the one who sculpts the shapes. At RiSa's*, I have my fashion items and nailart designs^^ Please look them up in my Picks and come visit :)

わたしの趣味はファッションを楽しむ事、買い物です。 I participated in Second Life Mentors.(I became Second Life Mentors to 2,008/05/17.) I'm not good at English. But I think that I can help a person with some methods. I speak Japanese. And I understand some English with translation.

I can make shape of AV for women and simple sculpted prim. And I know some tools making sculpted prim.

そしてこのたび、Second Life Mentorに認定されました。 以前、自分も助けてもらった事が志望のきっかけです。今年の初めにボランティア活動プログラムを教わり、 春の募集で応募しました^^

わたしのスキルは女性アバターのシェイプ作成、簡単なスカルプテッドプリムの作成です。 そしていくつかのスカルプテッドプリムを作るツールを知ってます。

RiSa's* My shop :) Nail art designs and fashion items shop :) nails,bag,scarf,design change items,hair,mule,hat...and more!

---Quotation from magazine "RiSa"---

Right now at RiSa's* Imelza, besides her usual freebies, she has a welcoming service to any newbie registered for less than 4 weeks, giving them anything in the shop for free! (limit one per person, details on panel at shop)

Also, RiSa's* Suggestion Box (at Imelza), allows for anyone to contribute thier ideas for fashion items like "I wish there was a bag like this", honoring one of the reasons why risa started to make things. If your idea turns into a product, you will recieve it as a present! There's no deadline, why not try it when you think of something? (*For opinions, requests and invitations as a tenant, please IM risa)

Plus, RiSa's* has a update group (linked with SL but out of game), with no limits or restrictions for joining. It notifies you of new products right away so if you're interested, why not join today? How? Just touch the panel in the shop. The second time you touch the panel it, a blue window (dialogue) will open, where you can confirm or recieve another copy of past distributions and, if you really want to, can quit the group... (details at If you purchase something, then you can join the VIP group (in SL) where, although irregularly, can recieve gifts! You have to check it out!


ROCA STUDIO This skin makes your body line look beautiful. It is cute and is sometimes sexy. At ROCA STUDIO, I sculpt the figure of a slender Japanese woman, a body fit for any fashion. My vision is that a slender body is better suiting for fashion, having nice contour. I pursuit elegance rather than sex appeal. Please try it!

support of RiSa's* and ROCA STUDIO I'll answer questions of both RiSa's* and ROCA STUDIO. If you write only "Hello" or "Hi", I won't know what you want to ask. Please write the question and I'll get back to you if I'm offline. When you ask a question, please ask a question in Japanese (preferably) or English. I don't understand any other languages. If you have a question about a past purchase, please tell me the correct date of purchase and product name.

!!!ATTENTION!!! Please try the Demo before you purchase items. The policy for all items are NO REFUNDS and NO EXCHANGES for any reason. Also, there is no reissuing of lost items.

my Location JAPAN 01 shop

                 LicoLico shop                                    

my blog ++*RiSa's* diary*++(japanese)

             RiSa's* shop blog

my album RiSa's flickr