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Who I Am

Hello fellow Mentors! I am a SL Mentor Buddy and if you need any help at all, please feel free to ask me.

In real life I am a Corporate Trainer and somewhat of an expert on eDistance Learning. My sole reason for coming to SL in the first place was to use it as a robust web based remote learning tool. This continues to drive my SL addiction, but with the added wonders of social interaction and being able to help people, continually fuel my SL desires. Plus, I am an avid explorer of everything, so what better vehicle than SL?

Also in RL I am the single father of two beautiful teenage daughters who constantly challenge me to be a better person... constantly. :)


My Philosophy

I have followed the Tao all of my life and the role of Mentor just seemed a natural fit. Working the HI provides a happy medium between assisting the absolute newbie (OI) and the more experienced Mainland areas. I find the HI gives me the chance to help possible future griefers be better decision makers BEFORE they become unmanageable on the Mainland.

The HI is an excellent reaching out point for the curious new resident mind (griefer or otherwise). I have spent considerable time mentoring on the OI's, HI's, Infohubs, and welcome areas, for now, I am enjoying spending my time on HI 9.

My Advice

  • Always treat your fellow Mentors with professional courtesy and respect.
  • Be fun. Promote laughter. There is an unlimited amount of fun ways to educate, use them all.
  • Make kindness your guide and your weapon.
  • Mentoring should ALWAYS be about their needs, not yours.
  • Sit whenever possible.
  • Never follow a newbie, others may need you. Lead only with words.
  • There is no shame in apologizing or asking for help.
  • When in doubt, listen.
  • Find a healthy balance between Mentoring and doing your own projects in SL and RL.
  • To be consumed is to be exhausted.
  • If you are tired leave.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Let it flow wherever it may take you...