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Opensource Q/A Procedure for testing the media plugins within Snowglobe.

Install the approprate version of Snowglobe to be tested

Check startup

  • Start snowglobe, ensure no Plugin Failed messages appear
  • Does the login screen show the web page background for login

In world qtwebkit plugin

  • Open "Search" window, check that All and Showcase both show the infomation.
  • In Showcase, check you can change the category tabs from All to Hot Spots to Music etc. Ensure the page updates
  • Select a place from the list and check the information updates at the side
  • Press the teleport button, the place information floater should open.
  • Search for the user Robin Cornelius (from the people tab), open the profile, select the web tab, press Load, check that the webpage loads in to the window.
  • Type in chat, then click on the link in the chat history window to open a web browser control. Check that is displayed the page typed correctly
  • Go to Hippotropolis 100,52,22, press play on the media texture button and ensure that the opensource meeting web page is displayed on the large display on the right of the room.

In World quicktime/gstreamer

FIXME we need some proper test locations/streams to test.