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1) Fix boost hell

At the time of writing the boost libs supplied with snowglobe 1.4 and 2.0 do not work with Visual Studio 2009 despite them being built for VC90.

Solutions build your own boost see VWR-9541 for details or download my boost from

Also copy and paste the if statement from the shown boost.make so that VS2008 will load the right boost files.(this will also keep the boost.make file backwards compatible) (added by WolfPup Lowenhar)

2) Precompiled header hell

The source code comes with a precompiled header created on visual studio 2005, this breaks badly on 2008 with the preprocessor running out of memory.

Solution in Visual Studio, right click secondlife-bin, go to properties, C++, Precompiled Headers, and change Create/Use Precompiled header to " Not Using Precompiled Headers"

3) winres.h not fond (edited by WolfPup Lowenhar)

To correct this you will need to add the following directory to the libraries:

 C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.1\Samples\winui\TSF\tsfapp

This will allow Visual Studio 2008 to 'see' the needed file as it is not in the regular library folder.(This may help in older versions of Visual Studio if your having the same issue when running them)

All other cavaets and hoops are the same as 2005