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This will eventually be added to the Open Grid Protocol. it is taken from the Second_Life_Login_API_Strawman.

rez_avatar Capability

This is the hypothetical proposed protocol for the future with many region domains.

rez_avatar agent host service'


{'region_url': <r_url>, 'position': [x, y, z]} -> {'session_id': <s_id>, 'secure_session_id': <ssid>, 'circuit_code': <cc>, 'seed_cap': <s_cap>, 'ip_address': <ip_address>, 'udp_port': <udp_port>, 'look_at': [lx, ly, lz]}

rez_avatar Capability (Resource Class)

rez_avatar Capability

viewer --> agent host

Name rez_avatar
URL capabillity on agent host
Request {'region_url': <r_url>, 'position': [x, y, z]}
RezAvatar agent host service
Response {'session_id': <s_id>, 'secure_session_id': <ssid>, 'circuit_code': <cc>, 'seed_cap': <s_cap>, 'ip_address': <ip_address>, 'udp_port': <udp_port>, 'look_at': [lx, ly, lz]}

rez_avatar region host service

The rez_avatar agent host service invokes the rez_avatar region host service on behalf of the client.

{'avatar_id': <a_id>, ..., 'position': [x, y, z]}


{'seed_cap': <s_cap>, 'ip_address': <ip_address>, 'udp_port': <upd port>, 'circuit_code': <cc>, 'session_id': <s_id>, 'secure_session_id': <ssid>, 'look_at': [lx, ly, lz]} or 403 Forbidden

rez_avatar Region Capability (Resource Class)

rez_avatar Region Capability

agent host --> region host

Name rez_avatar Region Capability (working name)
URL internally known server to server communications URL
Request {'avatar_id': <a_id>, 'position': [x, y, z], 'session_id':<uuid>, 'secure_session_id':<uuid>, 'circuit_code': <random>}
RezAvatar agent host service
Response {'seed_cap': <s_cap>, 'ip_address': <ip_address>, 'udp_port': <upd port>, 'circuit_code': <cc>, 'session_id': <s_id>, 'secure_session_id': <ssid>, 'look_at': [lx, ly, lz]}
See above for explanation
or 403 Forbidden
Access not allowed