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Second Life Official Viewer Japanese Translation Guideline (Draft)


Official Viewer is a product of Linden Lab. They must be translated according to Linden Lab's guidelines.

Translation of the official viewer is a part that directly affects the usability of the user, so please translate carefully.

If you want to do a translation, please check with Linden Labs to see if they are willing to work on the content of the request, rather than just throwing in a pull request on GitHub or a request to Second Life Feedback. It is possible that the part you are trying to translate is already being worked on in Linden Lab.

Submitted translations will be considered as one of the proposals. Submission does not guarantee acceptance.

Even once adopted, the content may be changed at a later date due to modifications found, changes in policy, or other reasons. There is no guarantee that the adopted material will be retained indefinitely.

Translation Rules

  • The wording of menus and other UI items should be translated into appropriate wording that can be understood at a glance, taking into consideration not only the meaning of the English words, but also the structure and concepts of Second Life. The most important thing is to be able to understand what the function is, not necessarily to be faithful to the original English text.
  • Please translate the explanatory text in the UI faithfully so that it follows the meaning of the original English text.
  • Do not change the viewer's translation of any terms that are listed on the official site, Knowledge Base, Second Life Wiki, or in the viewer's help. If you want to change the translation of an existing term, please check with Linden Lab.
    Changing a viewer's terminology also requires modifying the documentation.
    This will also result in changes to support and volunteer activities.
    Please do not change them easily, as the impact is wide-ranging.
  • The name of the company should remain the official name in English.


  • Product names should be written as per the trademark.


  • Terms specific to Second Life should not be translated into Japanese, but should be written in full-width katakana.


  • Please do not abbreviate terms.


  • Technical terms such as CG should be translated according to the technical terms. If you use an ordinary English-Japanese dictionary for the Japanese translation, it will be a mistranslation.


  • Please do not replace the English text with zenkaku alphanumeric characters.


  • English symbols should be left as they are if they are designed for the layout, and only the wording should be translated.


  • Please leave the time notation in single-byte alphanumeric characters.


  • If the display is cut off in the middle when translated, check to see if the text display area is not too narrow for English. Some platforms may have different sizes.
    If the display area is too small, please report it as a issue.
    If the display area is large enough and the Japanese translation is still cut off, please change the term to a different wording without omitting it.