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About Me

Sarah Nikitin

Hiya and welcome to my Wiki :) Here's the lowdown on me, myself and I...
Age: 37
Location: East Coast USA
Interests: Disney/Theme Park Engineering/IT Support/Mentoring
Rez Date: October 28, 2007
Mentor Date: July 6, 2008
Favorite Disney Character: Figment
Likes: Helping new residents
Dislikes: Griefers!!/Obnoxious Flirts :D


EVE (from Disney's Wall-E)

I became a mentor in early July 2008 and since that time I have found my niche in working as a greeter on Help Islands. The one benefit I have is that I live, sleep, dream and breathe Disney! The philosophies of Disney are "that you never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression on your guest". I know the importance of making the new resident feel special and welcomed.

What makes HIs so great is that you NEVER know what to expect! It's impossible to greet everyone who rezzes in, but that doesn't stop me from trying. Warm and friendly is the key and getting them excited about SL hits the home run!! I have found that 1/2 my time of daily SL visits is spent on Help Islands. The feeling I get when leaving an HI is one of contentment and satisfaction knowing I made a difference in a new resident's life! To me, SL offers no greater reward :)

We all know what it's like to be a female on HI (OK, maybe not "EVERYONE" has had the experience, LOL!) To date, I have heard every pick up line known to every language ever spoken...and have seen every style of male avatar without clothing!! And then there is the ever popular "Let's do it baby!" only to point out that new avatars are missing some "important" pieces! :D After being hit on several times, I rarely go in with my normal avatar. EVE (from Disney's Wall-E) has become my avatar of choice. New residents love her and they voluntarily strike up conversations within minutes of their arrival. And yet, no one has asked EVE out! Those who are not up on their Disney pop culture just think I'm a ghost or space alien! My favorite comment is "Are you real??" Users are so used to automated assistance from other on-line venues that intelligent replies delight them to no end. Building and scripting are not my strong points but getting a newbie motivated and committed to their Second Lives is what I do best. I simply love new residents, we all find a place in SL that makes us the happiest, and HIs are mine.

Second Life

What can I say? I'm addicted to SL!! I don't watch CSI and yet one night, it just happened to be on while I was working on my laptop. Low and behold, it was the episode "Down the Rabbit Hole" which centered around SL. It caught my attention and within minutes following the show, I found myself logging in. I've lost a lot of sleep since that fateful day but I regret absolutely nothing! Kudos to LL for partnering with CSI:NY because there are a plethora of residents who joined simply from seeing the show.

My SL Build is "Sarah's Magic Kingdom - Disney Museum" which I built as an SL tribute to the greatest entertainment company on the planet! I'm quite proud of my museum as it is my first attempt at building. It's been a great means to meet other Disney enthusiasts!

I am a loving and loyal friend. I can't stand in-world drama and avoid it at all costs, yet I take care of business when I have to. Quite often, I try to remain upbeat and perky and I rarely use foul language, yet sometimes it just has to come out! My in-world friends can't help but laugh if I say something off-color or wear an outfit not typical of my style. HOWEVER, in spite of my in-world duties, I am quite shy. It's a part of RL me that SL hasn't completely reversed yet, but I'm getting better :D

A relationship would affect my in-world duties and I am quite content in RL. My choice of clothing is simple and modest. I'm quite content in a hoody and comfy sneakers compared to short skirts and blinding bling. My favorite places to visit are of course any SL theme park or carnival. My favorite "themed" place is Mouse World, the Disney inspired sim. I have been with Mouse World since it opened as Head of Security. Working in this PG sim allows me to to interact with more experienced SL residents. Though I see my share of new residents there just like HI!! However, nothing compares to those builds where gentle warm breezes blow, the trees are full of blossoms and fountains cascade down the mountain side. A place where meditation pose balls are occupied by reflecting avatars and sweet music melts away the the anxiety and stresses brought on by RL. Builds such as SL Botanical Gardens are some of the most beautiful and tranquil places available on the grid and spending time there is important to me.

SL vs RL

When I joined SL, I made a commitment that would not allow my SL and RL to ever cross paths. The more time I spend in-world and the more friends I grow to cherish, that commitment gets harder to hold. But the internet can be a dangerous place and must be approached with utmost caution! Never let your guard down. I will continue to treat SL as the vehicle it was designed to be...a Second Life. For everything we cannot achieve, build or possibly attain in RL, SL grants our wishes with the help of pixie dust and a spark of Imagination ;)

Contact Me

If you'd like to reach me outside of SL, send a message to