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Real Name: Dale Mahalko
Occupation: IT Director/Administrator/Laborer/Custodian (one-man operation)
Employer: Two small rural PK-12 public school districts
Location: Gilman, WI, USA

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SL Background Info

I am interested in engineering and science as a hobby, and so I do lots of experimentation in SL to see just what the physics engine is capable of simulating. I also build many projects to demonstrate to others the possible ways SL can be used in education.

For years I never owned any land in SL and instead was a resident of sandboxes only. This is because my projects are often massively prim-heavy beyond what a small plot could support, and my projects can involve physical objects that need large open spaces to work properly. Doing this on land I actually own would cost several hundred US dollars a year, so instead most projects I build don't exist anywhere permanently except in my inventory.

I'm currently a guest resident of the Chilbo sim, building interactive educational displays for the sim with the support of Fleep Tuque and the Chilbo community building project.

To deal with the high-prim content of my demonstration builds, I have constructed a special museum that rezzes up one project for a few minutes, then deletes it and rezzes up another project. By doing this I can show off my high-prim projects one at a time without exceeding the land's object limits or overloading the physics engine.

Physics projects


Educational projects