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The following code is an implementation of llXorBase64StringsCorrect() in PHP.

This simple function should be useful if you're using llXorBase64StringsCorrect() to do cryptography work in LSL2.

Feel free to use it, as it's published under the same Creative Commons license as this entire Wiki (BY-SA).

function llXorBase64StringsCorrect($s1,$s2){
# Description: Implementation of the LSL2 function llXorBase64StringsCorrect()
# Author: SignpostMarv Martin
# Released under
	$l1 = strlen($s1 = base64_decode($s1));
	$s2 = base64_decode($s2);
	return base64_encode($s1 ^ (strlen($s1) > strlen($s2) ? str_pad($s2, $l1, $s2, STR_PAD_RIGHT) : $s2));