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This is article is a draft intending to be housed under Project:Internationalisation. Links in this article are likely to not exist, please do not create the articles.

This Project aims to to make full use of the features of the MediaWiki platform to:

  • Co-ordinate and encourage communication between and within the many international communities present in Second Life, as well as;
  • Assisting the development of under-developed international communities within Second Life (e.g. those with comparably fewer Residents)
  • If possible, arrange for the education of interested Residents to learn another language.

Geographical Communities

Virtual Communities

Please list virtual communities centred around a specific language or geographical area here by using the pseudo-namespace "Region", e.g. [[Region:Amsterdam|Amsterdam]] or by "Estate", e.g. [[Estate:Eros#Amsterdam|Amsterdam]]

Linguistic Communities

SL Asia

SL China

SL Japan

SL Korea

SL Philippines

SL Europe

SL Denmark

SL France

SL Germany

SL Italy

SL Ireland


SL Portugal

SL Spain

SL Sweden

SL United Kingdom

SL North America