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Installation instructions for Linux

Please don't hold me responsible if using my replacement XUI files results in something nasty happening, I don't post them unless they work for me.


These instructions should allow you to preview the replacement XUI file without overwriting the original.
  1. Save a copy of the replacement XUI code to disk
  2. If the Client/Server menus aren't visible, press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [ D ].
  3. Client > XUI > Load from XML
  4. Locate and select the file you saved



  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files\SecondLife\skins\xui\
  2. Open the folder for the language in question
  3. Make a duplicate of the file you're replacing (in the unlikely event something goes poof)
  4. Open the file you're replacing
  5. Copy & paste the code from the Wiki article for the file in question, replacing all code that was there originally
  6. Restart SL
  7. Enjoy!

Mac OS X

  1. Use the Finder to navigate to wherever you placed the Second Life bundle
  2. Control-click on Second Life and select "Show Package Contents" from the menu
  3. In the new Finder window, navigate to Contents/Resources/skins/xui/
  4. Open the folder for the appropiate language, using a text editor
  5. Make a copy of the file you're replacing, in case something goes wrong
  6. Copy and paste the code from the Wiki article for the file, replacing its previous contents
  7. Restart SL


  1. Navigate to where you unpacked Second Life. eg. /home/talia/Games/SecondLife_i686_1_19_1_4 (this will be where the "secondlife" file is.)
  2. Go into skins/xui and then the language directory you need.
  3. Backup the files you will be replacing.
  4. Open the original of the file/s you want to replace and paste in the code from the wiki replacing all the original code.
  5. Restart SL :P

Replacement Files

The XUI files I've tweaked are listed here.