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Simon Kline

Greetings! I'm Simon Kline, I'm an Aussie Second Life volunteer who likes helping newbies get used to their second life and teaching scripting in world. I'm usually in world between 2AM and 5AM PDT, and 2PM and 5PM PDT, and most of the time of a weekend! If you have questions about scripting or Second Life in general IM me, I love questions! (if you im me and don't hear back it's cuz my IM's were capped, keep bugging me till I reply!)


Want to see the activites that's available in world? Find out what i've been up to here: at my photo page

Scripting Classes Inworld

Want to learn how to script? I teach scripting classes in world on Thursdays and Fridays all welcome! Look out for my class Scripting from Scratch (in search) where each week we build something starting from the basic script and build upon it.

Scripting Links

Scripting resources I like:

  • The Help menu item in the secondlife viewer. From here you can access the Scripting Portal and Scripting Manual
  • F1 press F1 while you're in Second Life and it will lead you to the Support Portal
  • Me! IM Simon Kline in world with your scripting questions!!