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  • Congratulated Noelle Linden to her new position as Localization Manager
  • Started to discuss changes in KB organization when the English KB moves
  • Organized editing of CT-457
  • Discussed translation for Get Hired and Hire in Profile > Interests
  • Discussed an AvaLine voice message change (Nummernzeichen -> Rautetaste)
  • Simone announced: No office hour next week!
    • Happy holidays Simone!!! :-)

List of Attendees


[12:01] Simone Linden: Kuckuck
[12:01] Gren Yifu: huhu
[12:01] Torben Trautman: Hi Simone´s Haare
[12:01] Gren Yifu: kuckuck Simone
[12:01] Zai Lynch: ^^
[12:01] Simone Linden: Ich seh nix
[12:01] Torben Trautman: ah, da ist der Rest
[12:01] Torben Trautman: :)
[12:01] Harvz Wilber: hello Simone
[12:01] MaggieMae McBride: Hello
[12:01] Zai Lynch: kuscheln!
[12:01] Zai Lynch: ^_^
[12:01] Torben Trautman: yay
[12:02] Simone Linden: Hi Maggie and Harvz!
[12:03] MaggieMae McBride: Hello Simone :-))
[12:03] Simone Linden: Welcome to my office hour
[12:03] Harvz Wilber: thanks
[12:03] MaggieMae McBride: thank you
[12:03] Gren Yifu: hey Noelle
[12:03] Noelle Linden: hello :-)
[12:03] Zai Lynch: heyas :-)
[12:03] Harvz Wilber: this is Magges firs t time to an office hour
[12:03] Simone Linden: We will talk about translation related stuff. YOu are welcome to stay, if you are interested.
[12:03] Celestin Uxlay: full house
[12:04] Torben Trautman: Hi Noelle, did you come to unlock the doors?
[12:04] Torben Trautman: LOL !!! :D :D :D !!!
[12:04] Zai Lynch: ^^
[12:04] Celestin Uxlay: ;))
[12:04] Noelle Linden: lol
[12:04] Simone Linden: Hi Noelle!
[12:04] Harvz Wilber: better translation stuff is always a help
[12:04] Simone Linden: Yes, I asked her about the doors...
[12:04] Torben Trautman: YAY
[12:05] Noelle Linden: I was not aware I had the keys to these doors :-)
[12:05] Torben Trautman: hehe
[12:05] Celestin Uxlay: you unlocked a secret... :)
[12:05] Gren Yifu: :)
[12:05] Simone Linden: I thought will all the mentors here we should be able to figure out why it is locked.
[12:05] Harvz Wilber: I would have thought that Lindens ahve the keys to everything
[12:05] Zai Lynch: depends on how the script looks like
[12:06] Simone Linden: Maybe the techie Lindens....
[12:06] Noelle Linden: not me then ;-)
[12:06] Zai Lynch: there might be some if (llGetOwner() == llDetechtedKey(0) {... *open the door* } else... *nothing* ^^
[12:06] Noelle Linden: "innocent" to say the least
[12:06] Torben Trautman: there is a control panel
[12:06] Noelle Linden: ;-)
[12:06] Torben Trautman: and it´s set to locked
[12:06] Noelle Linden: ok
[12:07] Torben Trautman: if Noelle touches it it should either unlock or give you a menu option to unlock
[12:07] Simone Linden: Abracadabra...
[12:08] Noelle Linden: ah ah
[12:08] Torben Trautman: WOOOHOOO!!!!
[12:08] Celestin Uxlay: cooooooool
[12:08] Simone Linden: Yay!!!!
[12:08] Zai Lynch: yay! ^_^
[12:08] Noelle Linden: yayyy
[12:08] Noelle Linden: thanks
[12:08] Simone Linden: Merci, Noelle!
[12:08] Celestin Uxlay: thank u, noelle
[12:08] Noelle Linden: sorry about this
[12:08] Simone Linden: So, Noelle is here for three reasons tongiht
[12:08] Simone Linden: tonight
[12:08] Simone Linden: 1, To unlock the doors with your help!
[12:09] Torben Trautman: I didn´t do it
[12:09] Zai Lynch: ^^
[12:09] Simone Linden: 2. She was promoted to manage the localization team!
[12:09] Zai Lynch: woot!
[12:09] Simone Linden: She is now my boss....
[12:09] Zai Lynch: hehe
[12:09] Simone Linden: but she still seems to be nice...
[12:09] Noelle Linden: ahhhh
[12:09] Celestin Uxlay: lol
[12:09] Noelle Linden: lol
[12:09] Torben Trautman: promoted or forced?
[12:09] Torben Trautman: *kidding*
[12:09] Noelle Linden: this is why I am the loc manager
[12:09] Simone Linden: She is now working the position Danica used to have.
[12:09] Noelle Linden: to be nice :-)
[12:10] Simone Linden: So I wanted to offiicially congratulate her!
[12:10] Noelle Linden: I'll do my best to make the experience better for all international users
[12:10] Simone Linden: And wish her good luck with us all :)
[12:10] Harvz Wilber: yaaaay
[12:10] Noelle Linden: :-)
[12:10] Zai Lynch: someone got a helmet for her? she needs to bear with us now o.O
[12:10] Noelle Linden: thank you Simone
[12:11] Simone Linden: yw
[12:11] Simone Linden: hehe
[12:11] Torben Trautman swallows down some evil thoughts and just say congratulations Noelle :)
[12:11] Zai Lynch: lol ^^ yes, congrats! :-)
[12:11] Noelle Linden: evil thoughts ? :-)
[12:11] Simone Linden: 3. reason for being here is that she wants to talk to us about the KB on the Wiki.
[12:11] Torben Trautman: hahaha
[12:11] Torben Trautman: don´t mind me
[12:11] Simone Linden: Noelle, want to take over from here_
[12:12] Simone Linden: ?
[12:12] Noelle Linden: sure
[12:12] Noelle Linden: As you know the US doc team will soon migrate all the KB articles to the wiki
[12:12] Simone Linden: Hi Baldi!
[12:13] Zai Lynch: that's set in stone now? I wasn't sure... No feedback from torley so far
[12:13] Gren Yifu: restart brb#
[12:13] Torben Trautman: hb
[12:13] Noelle Linden: I am meeting with Jon this week
[12:13] Noelle Linden: but it seems like it's going to happen
[12:13] Zai Lynch: oh that's awesome news :-)
[12:14] Noelle Linden: if it does, i think it would be great if we could have the same organisation of those KB articles as the US
[12:15] Noelle Linden: and I was thinking it would make sense to have the urls of the wiki all streamlined for international
[12:16] Noelle Linden: especially because we will soon add Spanish, Portuguese and italian
[12:16] Noelle Linden: and it's going to get a bit messy
[12:16] Zai Lynch: what you're referring to, when mentioning "streamlined"?
[12:16] Simone Linden: So Noelle is saying that it would be easier to have the URLs with an appendix for the languages
[12:16] Simone Linden: like e.g. How to buy land /de
[12:17] Simone Linden: /ja
[12:17] Noelle Linden: correct
[12:17] Simone Linden: /fr
[12:17] Simone Linden: or something in that line.
[12:17] Celestin Uxlay: that´s a good idea
[12:17] Noelle Linden: instead of having those translated like we have now
[12:17] Zai Lynch: no no...
[12:17] Noelle Linden: ok
[12:17] Torben Trautman: omg
[12:17] Torben Trautman agrees with all Zai will say
[12:18] Noelle Linden: I am here to listen
[12:18] Zai Lynch: I think it is better to do it the way we're doing it with the other wiki articles at the moment (the non KB ones)
[12:18] Harvz Wilber: that makes good sense
[12:18] Noelle Linden: go ahead
[12:18] Zai Lynch: they all got ENGLISH_NAME/ISO-639 code. but it is only as a redirect to the appropriate localized page
[12:18] Simone Linden: OK
[12:18] Noelle Linden: ok
[12:18] Torben Trautman: People need to be able to search for a title
[12:18] Zai Lynch nods
[12:18] Torben Trautman: and a german won´t search for an english title
[12:19] Torben Trautman: cuz then he could just read the english kb
[12:19] Simone Linden: Ah, I get it.
[12:19] Torben Trautman: that´s why they started with localized titles/urls
[12:19] Noelle Linden: I do too
[12:19] Simone Linden: I didn=t think of that, of course. Doh!
[12:19] Noelle Linden: i know there is a reason why
[12:19] Zai Lynch: yes, same with categories. they would all list english articles and would therefor be useless for non-enliglish people
[12:19] Torben Trautman: that´s why we have Zai hehe
[12:19] Zai Lynch: thx ^^
[12:20] Simone Linden: Yay for Zai!!!!
[12:20] Zai Lynch: the current way is documented @
[12:20] Zai Lynch blushs
[12:20] Harvz Wilber: keyboards with upsillons and umlauts
[12:20] Noelle Linden: ok
[12:20] Zai Lynch: we just couldn't do it like that for the wiki articles, cause the root was still in parature :-/
[12:20] Zai Lynch: but will fix that when we got them in the wiki as well
[12:21] Celestin Uxlay: i still don´t understand the problem :( it´s only about the url format - the search enginge will also find the correct article if you use german words or am i wrong? :(
[12:21] Zai Lynch: the URL eaquals the pagetitle
[12:21] Noelle Linden: Zai, do you think maybe you could spend 1/2 hour with me this week or next week to discuss this further?
[12:21] Torben Trautman nods
[12:21] Zai Lynch: *articletitle
[12:22] Zai Lynch: oh yes, totally. no prob
[12:22] Simone Linden: Can we meet next week? I would like to participate in the meeting?
[12:22] Noelle Linden: sure
[12:22] Noelle Linden: it would be great
[12:22] Simone Linden: I will be back on Tuesday.
[12:22] Zai Lynch: set up a meeting time and I'll manage to be there somehow :-)
[12:22] Noelle Linden: in the meantime I will have met with the doc team
[12:23] Noelle Linden: ok, I 'll send options
[12:23] Noelle Linden: I don't want to steal everybody's time here
[12:23] Simone Linden: That's what they all say....
[12:23] Torben Trautman: we´re just here to chit chat anyways
[12:23] Torben Trautman: *giggles*
[12:23] Zai Lynch: hehe
[12:23] Noelle Linden: :-)
[12:24] Celestin Uxlay: wbchen gren
[12:24] Torben Trautman: wbchen Gren
[12:24] Zai Lynch: wbies
[12:24] Torben Trautman: :)
[12:24] Simone Linden: wb Gren
[12:24] Noelle Linden: Thank you for your time today and your feedback... I'll be in touch with you Za and Simone
[12:24] Noelle Linden: *Zai
[12:24] Gren Yifu: thank
[12:24] Gren Yifu: thank
[12:24] Gren Yifu: ♥ Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! ♥
[12:24] Simone Linden: Ok. thanks for coming, Noelle!
[12:25] Zai Lynch: oki :-) looking forward to!
[12:25] Noelle Linden: have a good meeting
[12:25] Simone Linden: Bye!
[12:25] Torben Trautman waves... a bientot Noelle
[12:25] Celestin Uxlay: bye noelle :)
[12:25] Zai Lynch: have a kewl monday :-)
[12:25] Noelle Linden: ciao !!
[12:25] Noelle Linden: a bientot
[12:25] Gren Yifu: bye noelle:)
[12:25] Noelle Linden: tchuss
[12:25] Simone Linden: LOL
[12:25] Zai Lynch: ^^
[12:25] Noelle Linden: :-)
[12:25] Harvz Wilber: bye noelle
[12:25] Zai Lynch:
[12:25] Simone Linden: Before I forget to tell you guys, there won't be an office hour next week.
[12:25] Simone Linden: August 31.
[12:26] Torben Trautman: yay for holidays
[12:26] Gren Yifu: ok
[12:26] Simone Linden: I will be on holiday.
[12:26] Torben Trautman: *woot*
[12:26] Harvz Wilber: Holodays are best
[12:26] Simone Linden: Coming back next Tuesday, so if there is anything you need from me, I will deal with it on Tuesday
[12:26] Torben Trautman: will you be leaving the rain behind?
[12:26] Simone Linden: The weather has been surprisingly good here in London.
[12:27] Torben Trautman: oh
[12:27] Simone Linden: IN August, that is...
[12:27] Simone Linden: rest of the year sucked as usual
[12:27] Torben Trautman: nods
[12:27] Zai Lynch: aawww :-/
[12:27] Torben Trautman: well it´s britain...
[12:27] Torben Trautman: *giggles*
[12:27] Harvz Wilber: weather is rarely plesant in London
[12:27] Simone Linden: Well, it is England....
[12:27] Simone Linden: Maybe I just got used to it?
[12:28] Simone Linden: Torben, I have a question for you>
[12:28] Torben Trautman: uh oh
[12:28] Torben Trautman ducks and covers
[12:28] Simone Linden: You and Lara were working on a document for CT beginners.....
[12:28] Torben Trautman: ah yes
[12:28] Simone Linden: I gave you some feedback (I think I gave it to Lara)... did you guys ever here from Noelle....
[12:28] Torben Trautman: actually Lara was creating a document
[12:28] Simone Linden: oh, darn, we could have asked her just now.
[12:28] Torben Trautman: my job will be to make it a video
[12:28] Torben Trautman: after
[12:28] Torben Trautman: so don´t know if she heard back yet
[12:29] Simone Linden: Okay, I will ask her.
[12:29] Simone Linden: She can't come tonight, got home late from work and is tired.
[12:29] Simone Linden: But she says HI to everyone!
[12:29] Zai Lynch: hi lara!! we miss you!! (in case you're reading the transcript :p )
[12:29] Torben Trautman: we love you Lara
[12:29] Simone Linden: Next thing on my list: There is Ct/457 which needs to go live ASAP.
[12:30] Simone Linden: It will be translated by the end of tonight. Could I ask one of you to edit it and then let Zai know so she can post it?
[12:30] Torben Trautman: I could edit it in the morning before office
[12:30] Simone Linden: As I said, I am on holiday from tomorrow on, so I can't deal with it.
[12:30] Torben Trautman: if it isn´t too long
[12:31] Simone Linden: Ok, Torben. That would be great.
[12:31] MaggieMae McBride: I'm sorry to leave. I hope you have a good remainder of the meeting.
[12:31] Torben Trautman: bye Maggie
[12:31] Zai Lynch: can get it live when it's ready *nods*
[12:31] Simone Linden: It is not short, let me give you the link to the source, so you can see.
[12:31] Torben Trautman: nice having you here with us
[12:31] MaggieMae McBride: bye Torben. Thank ;you
[12:31] Zai Lynch: oohhh you got the avaline bear as well simone!!
[12:31] Simone Linden: Bye Maggie!
[12:31] MaggieMae McBride: bye everyone
[12:32] Zai Lynch: cu Maggie!
[12:32] Simone Linden: Have fun!
[12:32] Harvz Wilber: bear? someone say BEAR
[12:32] Simone Linden: Hehe, yeah.
[12:32] Simone Linden: On the table....
[12:32] Zai Lynch: is limited to 500 !
[12:32] Simone Linden: I think the first 500 who sign up for Avaline get it.
[12:32] Zai Lynch nods
[12:32] Harvz Wilber: and how does one become worthy of it
[12:32] Torben Trautman: won´t be me then
[12:32] Torben Trautman: hehehe
[12:32] Zai Lynch: I signed up just for the bear... I#m such a dork
[12:32] Torben Trautman: hahaha Zai
[12:33] Simone Linden:
[12:33] Harvz Wilber: sounds liek something i might do if I had he money
[12:33] Zai Lynch: ^^
[12:33] Simone Linden: This is the source article, it is actually the Avaline KB
[12:33] Simone Linden: It is CT-457
[12:33] Simone Linden: speaking of Avaline....
[12:33] Zai Lynch: ^^
[12:33] Torben Trautman: hehe
[12:34] Simone Linden: I was made aware of a mistake in the translation of the automated message.
[12:34] Torben Trautman: ok, I probably won´t be able to do that in only one morning
[12:34] Torben Trautman: but could do it until thursday latest
[12:34] Simone Linden: OK Torben. that would be great!
[12:34] Torben Trautman: okies
[12:34] Torben Trautman: deal
[12:34] Simone Linden: And then you let Zai know, so she can post it?
[12:34] Simone Linden: But back to the message.
[12:34] Torben Trautman: yes
[12:35] Simone Linden: When you call the service, you get options to listen to the recorded messages in different languages.
[12:35] Simone Linden: For German is currently says>
[12:36] Torben Trautman: Hi Jason
[12:36] Simone Linden: Bitte geben Sie Ihren Verbindungs-Code ein und drueckne Sie auf die Taste mit dem Nummernzeichen.
[12:36] Jason Paquot: hey
[12:36] Simone Linden: Hi Jason.
[12:36] Gren Yifu: hello Jason
[12:36] Zai Lynch: Rautetaste
[12:36] Zai Lynch: ellow
[12:36] Jason Paquot: whats up?
[12:36] Simone Linden: Taste mit dem Nummernzeichen should be Rautetaste.
[12:36] Harvz Wilber: Happy Rezz Day Jason
[12:36] Simone Linden: So, my question now is>
[12:37] Torben Trautman: oooo cool Jason
[12:37] Torben Trautman: welcome to SL
[12:37] Torben Trautman: :)
[12:37] Jason Paquot: thanks
[12:37] Jason Paquot: i like this place
[12:37] Simone Linden: Is the German user going to be able to understand which key is meant or do we have to re-record the message?
[12:37] Simone Linden: What do you guys think?
[12:37] Celestin Uxlay: i think that has to be fixed
[12:37] Simone Linden: I want to thank Cel for pointing this out, BTW
[12:37] Torben Trautman: it should say Rautetaste
[12:37] Celestin Uxlay: in germany there is no button called "nummernzeichen"
[12:38] Celestin Uxlay: np :)
[12:38] Jason Paquot: i just got on sl so im gonna go explor see ya
[12:38] Simone Linden: I know, but it say die Taste mit dem Nummernzeichen....
[12:38] Torben Trautman: bye JAson, have fun!
[12:38] Harvz Wilber: enjoy
[12:38] Simone Linden: Ok Jason. Bye
[12:38] Harvz Wilber: nice seeing a newborn resident
[12:38] Torben Trautman: but there´s nine nummerntasten and one rautetaste
[12:39] Zai Lynch: conciddering that there are only 12 regular keys to pres on the phone and that 10 of them are numbers and the other is a star... i guess a user might figure out which key is meant... tho I'd also say re-record for the long run
[12:39] Simone Linden: hehe
[12:39] Torben Trautman: 10 actually
[12:39] Simone Linden: LOL
[12:39] Simone Linden: Okay, thanks for the feedback. I will try to get that changes ASAP
[12:39] Torben Trautman: ooo talking about changes
[12:39] Celestin Uxlay: what about "sternchen" ? :) there are 2 possibilities
[12:39] Celestin Uxlay: lol
[12:39] Celestin Uxlay: that´s too much
[12:39] Torben Trautman: it still say Badem-Wurttemberg
[12:39] Torben Trautman: *says
[12:39] Zai Lynch: ^^
[12:39] Simone Linden: I know!!!!
[12:39] Celestin Uxlay: smile
[12:40] Simone Linden: According to the internal JIRA this is fixed, Torben.
[12:40] Torben Trautman: ah ok
[12:40] Simone Linden: But I think they forgot to update the actual live site....
[12:40] Torben Trautman: so it´s just my lack of reading skills
[12:40] Simone Linden: hehe
[12:40] Simone Linden: or bad eyesight
[12:40] Torben Trautman: nods
[12:40] Torben Trautman: getting older
[12:40] Celestin Uxlay: oh :(
[12:40] Harvz Wilber: or you could blame dyslexia
[12:40] Celestin Uxlay: *g*
[12:41] Torben Trautman: oh I have another question
[12:41] Simone Linden: There is another JIRA that I would need your help with while I am gone.
[12:41] Torben Trautman: in the profile under Interessen there is a checkbox that says "Anstellen"
[12:41] Torben Trautman: what does that mean?
[12:42] Simone Linden: CT-426, Zai, Lara said she would finish editing tomorrow, would you please check tomorrow and publish thatn one?
[12:42] Torben Trautman: and "Anstellen lassen"?
[12:42] Simone Linden: One sec, Torben.
[12:42] Gren Yifu: wenn du ein Gechäft hast jemanden einstellen oder??
[12:42] Zai Lynch: is that Hire in the english ne?
[12:42] Zai Lynch: *one
[12:42] Gren Yifu: yes
[12:42] Torben Trautman: aah
[12:42] Torben Trautman: hehe ok
[12:42] Simone Linden: OH, good one.
[12:42] Zai Lynch: @CT-426 oh sure :-)
[12:42] Simone Linden: We can change that in the next viewer.
[12:43] Torben Trautman: oooo, in the shhhhh-viewer?
[12:43] Gren Yifu: gut
[12:43] Simone Linden: any suggestions?
[12:43] Simone Linden: LOL, Yes, the secret viewer
[12:44] Harvz Wilber: its suppoesd to be a secret
[12:44] Torben Trautman: instead of "Anstellen lassen" we could take "Arbeiten"
[12:44] Torben Trautman: or "einen Job finden"
[12:44] Torben Trautman: "Arbeit finden"
[12:44] Torben Trautman: "Harz IV"
[12:44] Simone Linden: hehe
[12:44] Zai Lynch: I think it's more aimed that people seaerch people who work for them. not that they search a job on their own
[12:45] Zai Lynch: hire, not get hired. or?
[12:45] Zai Lynch: heyas Mono!
[12:45] Monochrome Tomorrow: hi hi hi ㋡
[12:45] Torben Trautman: I think it´s a relict
[12:45] Simone Linden: Mono? Kann Sie nicht sehen.
[12:45] Torben Trautman: huhu mono
[12:45] Monochrome Tomorrow: war unna euch
[12:45] Monochrome Tomorrow: aloa
[12:45] Zai Lynch: sie war undercover
[12:45] Simone Linden: Ah, jetzt Hallo!
[12:45] Monochrome Tomorrow: hehe
[12:45] Gren Yifu: aloa
[12:46] Simone Linden: Ich habe den Viewer auf Deutsch hier. Wie heisst das im Englischen nochmal?
[12:46] Simone Linden: I want to get hired?
[12:46] Torben Trautman: mine is in german and I can´t remember why
[12:46] Zai Lynch: Ich glaube es is "Hire" im Englischen, aber ich auch grad auf Deutsch...
[12:46] Gren Yifu: i möchte angestellt werden
[12:46] Monochrome Tomorrow: hire is anstellen
[12:46] Torben Trautman: I believe it´s be hired
[12:47] Monochrome Tomorrow: hab englische viewer
[12:47] Gren Yifu: als Angestellte arbeiten
[12:47] Monochrome Tomorrow: was wollt ihr wissen?
[12:47] Simone Linden: Mono, kuck mal im Profil
[12:47] Monochrome Tomorrow: öhm bei wem?
[12:47] Simone Linden: das 3. TAb, interests
[12:47] Simone Linden: egal
[12:47] Monochrome Tomorrow: Interests
[12:47] Simone Linden: Unter I want to:
[12:47] Monochrome Tomorrow: Be hired
[12:47] Zai Lynch: oh okies...
[12:48] Simone Linden: Okay und die letzte Optionj
[12:48] Monochrome Tomorrow: Hire
[12:48] Simone Linden: Hire
[12:48] Simone Linden: Oki
[12:48] Monochrome Tomorrow: o/
[12:48] Zai Lynch: ^^
[12:48] Simone Linden: oooh muss schnell Stromkabel holen
[12:48] Monochrome Tomorrow: oki
[12:48] Torben Trautman: hehe oki
[12:48] Zai Lynch: ^^
[12:48] Monochrome Tomorrow: ich hol ma wlan kabel :D
[12:48] Zai Lynch: <3
[12:49] Simone Linden: oki... alles wieder versorgt
[12:49] Monochrome Tomorrow: ich dachte lindens bekommen dilitium akkus
[12:49] Torben Trautman: :)
[12:49] Monochrome Tomorrow: lol
[12:49] Torben Trautman: hehehe
[12:49] Simone Linden: hahaha
[12:49] Simone Linden: Also, Anstellen lassen aendern zu ARbeit finden?
[12:49] Gren Yifu: brb
[12:50] Monochrome Tomorrow: klingt besser
[12:50] Zai Lynch: und für Anstellen?
[12:50] Zai Lynch: Arbeit anbieten?
[12:50] Monochrome Tomorrow: jow
[12:50] Torben Trautman nickt
[12:50] Monochrome Tomorrow: macht mehr sinn
[12:50] Simone Linden: Harvz, I just realized we slipped into German...
[12:50] Simone Linden: or do you speak German?
[12:50] Harvz Wilber: thats OK
[12:50] Zai Lynch: woops ^^
[12:50] Monochrome Tomorrow: oh
[12:51] Harvz Wilber: I was stationed in West Germany in the 80s
[12:51] Monochrome Tomorrow: kewl
[12:51] Harvz Wilber: i cna almost read it a little
[12:51] Monochrome Tomorrow: where?
[12:51] Harvz Wilber: near Mains Am Rhine
[12:51] Torben Trautman: yay
[12:51] Monochrome Tomorrow: ray barracks?
[12:52] Harvz Wilber: like forever ago
[12:52] Harvz Wilber: was only a few months
[12:52] Harvz Wilber: and most of teh german troops i met spoke english
[12:53] Monochrome Tomorrow: i am actually serving in frankfurt am main
[12:53] Monochrome Tomorrow: serve
[12:53] Simone Linden: Okay, so we got Arbeit anbieten for Anstellen, right?
[12:53] Simone Linden: Got distracted
[12:53] Torben Trautman: yes :)
[12:53] Monochrome Tomorrow: yes
[12:53] Torben Trautman: frankfurt sucks
[12:53] Monochrome Tomorrow: yup
[12:53] Zai Lynch nods @ arbeit anbieten.
[12:53] Monochrome Tomorrow: abait anbiete
[12:54] Zai Lynch: ^^
[12:54] Simone Linden: Ok.
[12:54] Zai Lynch: noch einen Viewer mit Dialektübersetzung ^^
[12:54] Simone Linden: I have another question...
[12:54] Monochrome Tomorrow: hehe füa da hesse
[12:54] Torben Trautman: Mono, did you try "Handkäs mit Musik" yet?
[12:54] Torben Trautman: rofl
[12:54] Simone Linden: is there a template for screenshots?
[12:54] Harvz Wilber: Munchen during Oktoberfest was best holoday ever
[12:54] Torben Trautman: hehehe
[12:54] Simone Linden: I mean for screenshots in KB articles?
[12:54] Harvz Wilber: I learned teh TRUE meaning of beir
[12:54] Monochrome Tomorrow: oh yea harvz *omg dont remind us...
[12:55] Zai Lynch: hm... no... we're just using the regular syntax for images
[12:55] Torben Trautman: I had a sneak preview of the 2009 octoberfest beer a few weeks ago
[12:55] Torben Trautman: was great
[12:55] Zai Lynch: thumb(optional) etc
[12:55] Monochrome Tomorrow: torben du lässt au keine party aus *g*
[12:55] Harvz Wilber: im talkin Oktpberfest 1985 actually
[12:55] Simone Linden: ok
[12:56] Torben Trautman: hehehe
[12:56] Torben Trautman: come on, it was free
[12:56] Torben Trautman: lols
[12:56] Simone Linden: If there is nothing else to discuss, then I would call it a day for now.
[12:56] Zai Lynch: here's a manual:
[12:56] Torben Trautman: have wonderful holidays Simone!
[12:56] Simone Linden: Thank you Zai
[12:56] Zai Lynch: welcome :-)
[12:56] Monochrome Tomorrow: oh you go to holidays simone?
[12:57] Torben Trautman: sorry for our chit chatting
[12:57] Torben Trautman: hehehe
[12:57] Monochrome Tomorrow: thx zai
[12:57] Harvz Wilber: sorry about being a distraction
[12:57] Simone Linden: Yes, next week is no office hour...
[12:57] Simone Linden: I will be back on Tuesday
[12:57] Zai Lynch: we had the to make a transcript or to make no transcript question still up... ?
[12:58] Simone Linden: yes, we didn't get to that.
[12:58] Simone Linden: I want to discuss that with all of you.
[12:58] Simone Linden: For now, plesae use the NOINDEX header as discussed.
[12:58] Monochrome Tomorrow: wb gren
[12:58] Zai Lynch: WB Gren :-)
[12:58] Simone Linden: We can talk when I am back.
[12:58] Gren Yifu: danke)
[12:58] Zai Lynch: ok
[12:58] Torben Trautman: *:::* WELCOME BACK *:::*
[12:58] Torben Trautman: Gren
[12:58] Gren Yifu: ♥ Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! ♥
[12:58] Torben Trautman: I´m all pro transcripts
[12:59] Zai Lynch: likewise <3
[12:59] Zai Lynch: ^^
[12:59] Torben Trautman: even made Lexie to post one from time to time
[12:59] Torben Trautman: *giggles*
[12:59] Zai Lynch: ^_^
[12:59] Simone Linden: Hehe. We will have to discuss that next time. okay?
[12:59] Torben Trautman: bye bye all
[12:59] Simone Linden: I will see you in two weeks!
[12:59] Gren Yifu: bye bye
[12:59] Monochrome Tomorrow: bye torben ㋡
[13:00] Simone Linden: Bye, bye everyone!
[13:00] Simone Linden: And Thank you!
[13:00] Zai Lynch: gave some kewl holidays simone! don't forget about us!!
[13:00] Monochrome Tomorrow: bye bye simone..enjoy your holidays
[13:00] Harvz Wilber: bye Simone
[13:00] Simone Linden: Thanks for coming
[13:00] Gren Yifu: nice holiday
[13:01] Monochrome Tomorrow: danke das du uns ausgehalten hast
[13:01] Zai Lynch: ^^
[13:01] Monochrome Tomorrow: hehe
[13:01] Zai Lynch waves

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