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Founded the Second Life-based company Skidz Partz in May of 2006. He began it as a venture to create and distribute random "Partz" with random functions and uses. But fortunately for the world of Second Life, it quickly transformed into something much different; something that would benefit Second Life citizens beyond anyone's expectations.

Frustrated with the way the Second Life building tools functioned, and deeply aware that he wasn't the only one, Skidz Tweak changed his focus. He became fixated on improving the way people built in Second Life. His long hours and tedious efforts resulted in exactly what citizens needed and could make full use of: The Skidz Primz.

With this amazing creation, Skidz Partz had a base product that quickly earned the praise of builders and content creators from across the virtual realm. After that, Skidz Tweak put efforts into releasing new gadgets such as the Land Lazer, the World Map Buddy, and the TMat Texture Organizer. His most recent venture is which features a rich, interactive map of Second Life and will eventually map out other grids.

Skidz Tweak continues to grow and expand Skidz Partz, creating valuable tools and gadgets to make Second Life better.

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