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I've been a Second Life resident for 4 years and have had many interesting and amazing experiences here. I met amazing people when I started who took the time to teach me lots of different things--and that's what led me to want to become a Mentor. After informally mentoring for several months, I became an "official" mentor in November, 2006 and remained so until the program was dissolved in 2010. Now I mentor with several of the Resident Help Network groups. My first life background is in technology education and psychology, and I'm always happy to chat about and help with these areas :) I'm also a dedicated Mac user (19 years and counting).

My partner (Forsythe Whitfield, a very talented RL blues musician) and I run a building and design firm (Whitfield Galileo Designs) and a blues club (Fishbelly's), both located in Philudoria. Stop by and see us if you like!

As a Mentor, I give personal instruction in all basic aspects of the UI; beginner building lessons; and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience of favorite places for shopping, dancing, sightseeing, and alternative activities. I have a pretty "sticky" memory, which makes me a repository of odd and obscure information of all kinds :D I also have a reputation for taking newbies onto my Friends list...I find that very, very few abuse it, and that has led me to continue the practice happily.

I'd like to thank the following folks for all of the things they have taught and continue to teach me, and for their continued love, support, and friendship: Brandon Hanner;Phoenixflames Kukulcan (my amazing first teacher and keeper of my sanity);Danielle Ferguson and Erbo Evans; Songstra Soothsayer;Forsythe Whitfield; and my two favorite partners in crime, Doctor Gascoigne and Bastien Culdesac.