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Sonof Marvin

Former Teen Grid Resident. Former Owner of Private Islands: Mecca, Oakland Heights, and Unreal.

The Beginning 2008

Sonof Marvin started on the Teen Grid, As just another noob, lol. Sonof made a step to buy Mecca, as his first Private Island, but that deal fell threw AFTER it took place... At this point Sonof was hooked on Island Ownership, So on 6-10-07 Oakland Heights was delivered. 3 Months in to ownership of Oakland Heights, Sparkles Runo offered to buy Oakland for 2k USD, And Sonof Sold. Sonof Later in the year of 2007 Rented Unreal Island, And was in the process of transferring, When Emporer Spitteler stepped in and Took over for Sonof.

The Redo 2008

In Early 2008 Sonof Marvin transferred to the Main Grid turning 18, Sonof formerly worked at IceDragons Playpen, He talks to all of his Teen Grid Friends on Skype. Sonof on Main Grid has already started quite a land business. After the Failure of Oakland Heights Isle, He was not in world much. But now is back and bigger than ever. Currently owning 3 islands (And Counting) you can see thease at


Sonof became a Basic Scripter while on Second Life. He is Famous of his Prize Machines, That he hosted for quite a few months on Teen Grid, However none can be found on the Main Grid just yet.

Outside of Second Life

Sonof Marvin is well know for his Blog, And as well as his You Tube Channel Sonof Marvin also has a Amazon Account, Where he sells stuff, and Ironic enough! The Amazon Account is Sonof Marvin Lol.

Many Say that Oakland Heights was the best Teen Island they had seen, And Sonof is well known for that. Others could argue. But some could argue with a tree if it would talk back to them... Sonof Marvin can be found on Skype, as SonofMarvin, In World as Sonof Marvin, and of course at his Blog and YouTube Channel Listed above.