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SouLDK Simpson - Second Life Mentor

SouLDK Simpson - Second Life Mentor

Second Life

Well here i am! Ingame Player Helper Souldk Simpson :) People comes alot to me if they need technical problems solved or other ingame issues for that matter.. and i happy answer questions with open arms about what iknow :) , what i don't know that i will get to know as i happy learn something new :D , a day isnt a prober day if you haven't learned something new by the end of the day i say.

Ingame i act as a Volunteer/Second Life Mentor, i'm quite experienced in technical difficulties and Former CSR supporter & Ingame Supporter, as my former jobs been live helping in other and various MMORPG's for companies such as Sony Online Entertainments different Mmorpg's & GameSpy Inc. Aswell i'm Experiences in for customer handleling and most ingame related issues, jeez listen to me, i'm nearly writing a Job CV :P.

As a Mentor I'm still a Normal Resident with my own problems aswell :) i got a shop me self ingame with a beautifull sim for home. but i love to help ingame and in a professional way, so i must obey the TOS that is my bible aswell ^-^ ..

I'm a Coach, Linguist, Greeter & Live Helper and can aswell be a Teacher in many ways :) . but no one is perfect , but usual when i open my mouth then iknow i got a firm ground first to talk out of. So remember!, Employees & Ingame residents would never ask for your password ingame ;)