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In-World Profile - About Me Section

”˜`”°º♥º°”˜`”°º♥º°”˜`” Militant Collective - Ground - Branch Commander (C-2) - -=-If you have any questions about the Militant Collective, or would like to join, feel free to IM me.-=- ”˜`”°º♥º°”˜`”°º♥º°”˜`” Second Life Mentor - Accepted on August 23, 2007 ”˜`”°º♥º°”˜`”°º♥º°”˜`” I am an explorer, builder, scripter, texturer, greeter, mentor, and at times I'm just chilling with my friends so feel free to hit me up any time. ^_^


I've been in Second Life for quite a few months now and enjoy it 100%! I'm usually into militaries in-world. I'm a former member of the Alliance Navy lead by Jim Herbst (left at the rank of E-1). Now, I'm a Militant Collective Ground Corp Commander (Rank - C-2) lead by Raideur Ng and I'm lovin' it! I became a Second Life Mentor on August 23, 2007 and I'm looking forward to seeing new faces I've never seen before. If you ever have any questions or need some advice, please feel free to IM me in-world!

My Job In-World

I'm currently employed at ACTIV8 (Sim: ACTIV8) as a greeter. My working days are Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3-5PM SLT. Come visit me anytime!

Seeking for a Builder?

If you're in search of a builder, you've come to the right place! I can build for anyone at a -very low price-! So just IM me in-world and tell me what you're wanting to be built and I'll get to work.

Need a Scripter?

Ask me! I can do scripting for anyone for a -very low price-! Just IM me in-world and tell me what you need scripted and I shall get to work!

My Languages

I speak English and Vietnamese and the very first Vietnamese speaking mentor. :P I'm looking forward to helping Vietnamese speaking residents that doesn't know how to interact with Second Life or needs some help or advice.