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Hello. For some links related to me see

I created the Libertarians of Second Life group, Libertarians of Second Life.

My Second Life Web Profile, which appears to be invisible to Google's search engine, is at SuezanneC Baskerville Second Life Web Profile

I'm an officer in the Scripters of Second Life group and owner of the Builders of Second Life group.

I'm a member of Mental Mentors, Mental Volunteers, and New Citizens,and a few others.

I was a member of Second Life Mentors before it was disbanded by Linden Lab.

I have a blog at

I'm in the Hipihi virtual world, uWorld,, and others.

I was in the the Novoking virtual world while it existed.

I'd like to request votes for the following Jira issue:

Second Life Viewer - VWR 3947 "Ugly font rendering in menu bar after upgrading to ATI drivers 7.12"

VWR 3947 Ugly font rendering


The Second Life forums:

All Second Life users can access the Second Life forums at .

Here are some of the urls and descriptions of the various forums: NOTE: All the forum links below are unfortunately now obsolete. :(

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SL Volunteers & Education Forums for SL Volunteer groups (Mentors, Instructors, Greeters, Live Helpers, ResMods)--all Residents welcome to discuss!

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Animation Tips Discuss techniques, ask questions about creating and using Second Life avatar animations

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Texturing Tips Discuss techniques, ask questions about using Second Life clothing templates and texturing tools
Sticky: Transparency and Alpha Channels: The Definitive Guide

Event Discussion Questions, ideas, and tips for managing and hosting Second Life events. (Please do not use this forum to announce or review specific events.)

Gallery Share your screenshots and art from Second Life here!

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