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I am Susi Spicoli. I have two galleries in SL.

One is an open-air photo gallery with my photos, in the mountains, in Ochreous.

The other one is a (probably one of its kind) machinima gallery, at the bottom of the same mountain, hosting about 20 of the best SL machinima artists, each with their own little cinema and their movies, designed in a way to express their artistic flavor, ranging from a Matrix like cinema to RacerX's rabbit hole. This is a great place to go with a few friends (or meet new ones) to watch some of the best machinima in Second Life. Beats youtube any time of the day (you are so alone on youtube).

Ah, and I almost forgot, I also got a drive-in/fly-in machinima movie theatre. For machinima screening events, the cinema builds itself up, at the end of the performance, it self-destructs dramatically (thanks for Bob Bunderfeld and RacerX Gullwing for that).

The idea for the machinima gallery started at the 3rd birthday celebration, all I did was offering a permanent place for the people that had exhibited there.

Finally, you can also see my own machinima work there (I also started doing commercials recently, for Xerox, Angel Learning and the fantastic Stella Costello exhibition commissioned by Larry from the NMC). Ok, if you can't make it to the gallery, second best is to watch some of my stuff on youtube:

Come and see me there (I also have several swimming pools and a bar).