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It's just me, the Ancient Archaean Dragon. I hang out at the Isle of Wyrmsmost of the time with the rest of my Dragonkin brethren.

Don't worry, I don't eat sentients, but I may nibble a little, or even chew in self-defense. ;)

What do I do?

I'm a longtime IT consultant and software developer, specializing in scientific applications, communications, and entertainment (games). I pretty much ply that trade in Second Life as a scripter-for-hire.

Why am I here?

Oh, they say necessity is the Mother of Invention, so I am here to help re-do the LSL Wiki, pretty much. I may contribute in other areas as well, now that I have gotten my feet wet, but we will just have to see.

WarpPos Module for Havok4

Works without crashing up to the max warppos limit in Havok 4 of 4096m.


Integer Base-2 Logarithm / MSB Function


..more to come