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Hi! I'm Taryn. I am a Second Life Mentor. If you have any questions about Second Life, or mentoring, or need some help in French... I'm always happy to share my knowledge!

Salut! Je Suis Taryn. Je suis une Second Life Mentor. Je suis aussi une mentorat de langue française. Si vous avez n'importe quelles questions au sujet de Second Life, ou vous avez besoin de l'aide en français... Je suis toujours heureux de partager ma connaissance !

My other interests in SL include creating textures, networking, basic building, general exploring, connecting people, and listening to live music. I own a club and we have fun events there daily. I love meeting people and making new friends. Beautiful photos and visual scenes make me smile; Linden cream pie makes me hungry, and stimulating intellectual conversation makes my day.

I used to post SL info to Yahoo Answers quite a bit - check out my profile at for my past answers :)

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