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Tatanya Dawn - still not a panda
Panda Bear - still not a me

I am 7407 days old. Please find my walker, it seems to have walked off.

  • "I'm easily distra.... OOOOO shiny!" - smart imatating tat
  • "Guns don't kill people, tat does..." - Daniele Hartford
  • "Meh... Your tail is in my coffee." - tat
  • "Im not a dang panda... oh forget it" - tat
  • "Ewwww, what smells like big business?"

Need help? F1 is the Help button pressitpressitPRESSIT!!! or you can ask me too.

I am a Mentor for life. With the closing of the Linden Labs Second Life Mentor group, I have formed my own mentor/helping group named Mentor Ronin. Information about this group can be found here.