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About me

My name is Tedd Hansen, my SL cyberego is Tedd Maa.

I am 27 years old, live in Oslo, Norway. I run my own little company with programming related project management. I have been programming since forever (age 7 or so).


I am working on the OpenSim project ( with main focus on programming the script engine. The OpenSim project is a BSD licensed Second Life server being developed by volunteers around the world.

I have through the OpenSim project been working with script engine implementation for some time. From the initial script engine where I did LSL byte code to .Net CIL (.Net assembly language) converting, compiling and execution, to the current one compiling LSL text scripts to .Net assemblies (.dll).


My interests span from any nerds wet dream of robotics and AI to algorithms. My hobby for the past 15 or so years has been mainly programming, every day. With focus on algorithms suchs as early 3D (like Doom 1 & 2), communication protocols, compression, search, file systems, operative system kernels, etc. I enjoy a good challenge.

Plans for SL

Mostly for fun. I believe this technology has the potential and is in the right time and place for it to happen. It just needs a major rewrite. It has a big untapped commercial potential, and I think in the coming years it will position itself in the market in ways we can not imagine now. A few will imagine it in time and make good money from it, most will just follow them. Same old story.

I hope SL will be THE place for artificial life experiments, and that we can all experiment on the same piece land.