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Who is he?

Well, I am a bucket of Chicken according to my profile pic. Actually, its there because about 2 years 9months agO I didnt know what to put there and that was available. I make food now. I started making clothes because skins is what I did in Sims, Sim2, Dungeon siege, Half-life etc. But there was too much drama in clothes and skins in SL. And far better people here that can do it than me. So for a while I wandered collected swag and had fun. Then I settled and started making food.

Why Food?

Food is drama free. Everyone likes the idea of their favorite drink, or a plate that really good steak. Besides, I have a passion for food and since I haven't the time or the skill to be a chef in RL (I work at an Airport and have a degree in avionics) I am here.
I am on Xstreet. I have been licensed by a few rl companies to make their products in world so they can maintain a quiet, free to them presence. I support newbies on my land at pub in Amaro. Come check it out.

I also built the RL Trademark wiki page.

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