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Till Stirling became a member of SecondLife in 2005. Immediately fascinated by the possibilities of scripting in SecondLife he founded SilverDay Productions, a SL-based company offering innovative products and consulting. Together with Bedazzle, Till Stirling worked on projects like Gravity Spacestation, SL Horror and Chinatown. Being an ex-There-member he sorely missed the possibilities of the quest-sets available in There. So he wrote one of the first available quest-sets for SecondLife. Other successful products include the PictureGrid Vendor, the SilverDay Gametimer, and the HUDScanner. One of his newest projects is the SilverDay ObjectDNS, which offers a mapping service for SecondLife objects.

Please check out his website SilverDay Productions to read more about his products. Also if you need a a good scripter for an interesting project feel free to contact him.