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My Background:

  • Developing stuff since 1985 (assembler, basic, pascal, php, some c/c++, perl, python, java)

What I do in/for SL:

  • Contributing to the Wiki: Special:Contributions/Tillie_Ariantho
  • Can compile the SL client source (or modified version like the Nicholaz edition [1]) on MacOSX/Intel: Lastest Nicholaz edition for Mac you can download here [2]. Install 1.18.3(5) and then copy over the bin and the xml files.
  • I'm trying to help building the new architecture of the future SL platform. I am no C/C++ programer but often can find bugs / see problems in implementations or designs.
  • Currently helping Brainstorming in the Architecture Working Group. I'll try to attend all architecture and related meetings if possible (time zones are a terrible thing).
  • I've added the missing entries of the Linden Labs Office Hours from the wiki to the google calendar [3]. If you want the complete office hour list, add the Linden Calendar named "Inworld Office Hours for Lindens" and mine [4] to your calender.