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January 6, 2007
Grendel's Children Designer
  • Enjoys learning
  • Teaches at least one class a week!
  • Curates basic SL Wiki scripts

Toad's Hall

The real me
April Fools

I love finding useful scripts here in the Wiki, but most of them are aimed at AWESOME scripters, not beginners. I use this page to store handy scripts & links to helpful pages ... like the Scripts Library & this link to Fred Gandt's awesome userpage with tons of free scripts - especially stuff with string sorting.

The 2008 me

I rezzed 6400 days ago and learn something new every day.

I edited a series of half-finished old tutorials called LSL 101 - and got thru 'em all July 7, 2012. Working on an addon page on Operators & Flow Control in my sandbox. July 28, 2012.

I suggest new users check out LSL Style Guide on this wiki.

Useful Scripts

KBcaution.png Important: These scripts are in my user space and intended for teaching purposes. Do not remove content from them, instead append changes to the bottom of each page and explain why yours are more awesome.
Basic Scripts Creator Description
Prim Scrubber Toady Nakamura Script scrubs memory resident script functions from prim and self-deletes the script. Does not damage the prim, or remove other scripts.
Touch Counting Toady Nakamura Two scripts show how to count up or down as the box is touched.
Touch Toggle Light Toady Nakamura Touch to change from dark to light
Touch Toggle Rotate Toady Nakamura Touch to make a cylinder spin (like a record or CD)
Two States Light Toady Nakamura Uses two states as an on/off switch
Sound Looper Toady Nakamura Three ways to make looped sound from any object.
Simple Recording Tipjar Toady Nakamura Thanks giver & sets hover text with total amount donated.
Simple Listener Toady Nakamura A simple listener that changes the color of the prim in response to commands.
Avatar Key and Name Toady Nakamura Ask for and receive Avatar name and key data.
Owner (& friends) Only Toady Nakamura Responds to the touch of owner, owner & friends, or not at all!
Demo Typecast Random Float and Integer Toady Nakamura Picks a random number and outputs as both float and integer. Helps students visualize the difference between float and integer data.
Particle Scripts Description
Touch Toggle Particle Toady Nakamura Touch to turn particles on and off
Particle Sparkler Touch on off Toady Nakamura Sparkler for incendiary holidays like 4th July & Canada Day. Explains build & uses "Explode" pattern.
Particle Mist for Fountains Toady Nakamura Nice small mist for fountains, small water features & fire logs. Uses "Explode" pattern.
Rainbow Ribbon Tail to Wear Toady Nakamura Rainbow particle tail to wear.
Color Scripts Description
Color chooser prim Toady Nakamura Change prim color, object says new color vector & sets hover text with vector in new color.
Random Color Toady Nakamura Put in object, randomly changes object color every two seconds.
Givers Description
Give Anything Toady Nakamura Five scripts from basic to more complicated help you give anything, but not scripts!
Landmark Giver & Counter Toady Nakamura Gives any landmark in inventory; tells owner how many have been given.
Give Random Object Toady Nakamura Gives a random object from prim inventory to any toucher.
Give to Group Toady Nakamura Gives object from inventory to toucher - only if toucher is in same group.

Timers Description
Count down Timer Toady Nakamura How to count down, countdown timers!

Avatar Animations Description
Hold Teddy Script Toady Nakamura Put in object to wear with an animation to animate avatar.
Smile Script Toady Nakamura Put in object to wear, makes avatar smile with system animation
Couples Poseball Toady Nakamura Makes synchronized poseballs
Useful Uses of Lists Description
Prim Contents Lister Toady Nakamura Put in prim with stuff, outputs list of stuff to your chat. Very helpful for inventory organization.
Chatbots Description
ELIZA_chatbot Toady Nakamura Eliza is a legendary 1966 computer program written by Joseph Weizenbaum. Here it is for LSL.
LindenAIML Toady Nakamura LindenAIML is inspired by Richard Wallace's AIML (artificial intelligence markup language).

I'm not being egotistical putting my name in every line! If anyone links to the Script Library, this format will slide into the table without trouble !

Link flags

These are used for link_message scripts & others.

Flag Flag# Description
LINK_ROOT 1 refers to the root prim in a multi-prim linked set (note)
LINK_SET -1 refers to all prims
LINK_ALL_OTHERS -2 refers to all other prims
LINK_ALL_CHILDREN -3 refers to all children, (everything but the root)
LINK_THIS -4 refers to the prim the script is in

^ LINK_ROOT does not work on single prim objects. Unless there is an avatar sitting on the object.

SL Texture Constants & UUIDS

  • White Transparent = "59facb66-4a72-40a2-815c-7d9b42c56f60";
  • TEXTURE_TRANSPARENT = "8dcd4a48-2d37-4909-9f78-f7a9eb4ef903";
  • TEXTURE_PLYWOOD = "89556747-24cb-43ed-920b-47caed15465f";
  • TEXTURE_MEDIA = "8b5fec65-8d8d-9dc5-cda8-8fdf2716e361";
  • TEXTURE_BLANK = "5748decc-f629-461c-9a36-a35a221fe21f";

Use this tag for Script Library Examples (simple stuff goes here)

[[Category:LSL Examples]]

SL Tutorials

•  Visit Here for enlightenment today! Watch video tutorials and indulge your creative curiosity in Second Life...

Learning, intrigue, and wild fun awaits you...

•  Robin Wood texture tutorials Best spot to get rid of white lines on alphas!!

BTW, if you find more LSL tutorials, add them to the tuts page with this tag



Link Description
1 The Wizard & The Ozimal, machinama A film by Pyewacket Bellman
2 Designing Worlds with Saffia Widdershins on January 25, 2011
3 YouTube: Build a LightSwitch Mike Lively of Northern Kentucky University, March 20, 2008.

Wiki Syntax

Just ignore this part, I keep it for reference how to write this wiki's pages without having to edit a page to see the pothooks.

*Script Location


*Script link in user page

{{LSL DefineRow||[[User:Toady Nakamura/Scrubber Script|Prim Scrubber]]|Cleans memory resident functions from prim.}}
{{LSL DefineRow||[[User:Toady Nakamura/Touch Toggle Light|Touch Toggle Light]]|Touch to change from dark to light.}}

*Table format for Script Library
{| class="sortable" {{Prettytable}}
|- {{Hl2}}
! '''Name'''
! '''Creator'''
! '''Description'''
||[[User:Toady Nakamura/Scrubber Script|Script Scrubber]]
||[[User:Toady Nakamura|Toady Nakamura]]
||Script scrubs memory resident script functions from prim and self-deletes the script. Does not damage the prim, or remove other scripts.  

*Signing talk pages
put four tildes ~~~~ and your name + UTC time is stamped for you.

How to make cute *important* boxes
{{KBcaution| put the text here}}