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Enhanced Avatar Breasts Physics (Obsolete)

Phoenix Enhanced Avatar Breasts Physics - Preferences

Phoenix offers a visual effect that provides a more natural look for female avatars. When moving or playing an animation, the avatar breasts will move according to inertia and simple physics calculations, creating the illusion of natural body mass movement.

To set up Enhanced Avatar Physics, open your preferences panel (CTRL-P), click on "Phoenix", "Page 2", and then on "Effects". Set a checkmark on "Enable enhanced physics on avatar breasts".

You have the following options:

  • Breast Mass - Overall breast mass, amplifies the effect
  • Breast Rebound - Breast firmness, controls the bounciness
  • Breast Max Vel - Maximum velocity of the breast vertices, limits fast movements
  • Breast Friction - Controls how much the breasts want to stay in shape, do not set this to a very low value unless you really want to see weird things happening
  • Breast Min Vel - Minimum velocity of the breast vertices, amplifies small movements