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How to use the (nostrip) tag in RLV

Users of RLV enabled viewers often run into the problem that devices can take off certain attachments or clothing layers, destroying the look of their avatar. For example, RLV devices that offer shoes to be taken off also detach left and right foot attachments. For certain avatar types that use prim attachments for their feet, this destroys the overall look. You can fix this issue by using locking scripts that prevent the respective attachment from being taken off, but this has a couple of disadvantages:

  1. It uses additional scripts
  2. You can't detach or take off these prims and clothing layers without unlocking them first

The solution is using the (nostrip) tag. Adding this tag to the nam of an item or a folder instructs the RLV system to ignore these items when a detach or remove clothes command is sent. For this to work you must have the items in your #RLV folder tree. Together with the leading period "." this can be used to make avatar folders that contain the bare minimum necessary to make up your look. The "." makes sure this folder will not show up in a device's shared outfit list.

Single Item Lock

To prevent a single item from being taken off by RLV devices, simply add the tag (nostrip) to the name, separated by a blank space:

Female Hair will become Female Hair (nostrip)

If the item is no modify you can put it into a folder by itself and add the (nostrip) tag to the folder.

Multiple Item Lock

To have your complete avatar safe from RLV devices, you can make a folder for it and add all parts of your avatar that are essential for its look. Then give it a name that has a "." as first character (to hide it from RLV shared outfit devices) contains the (nostrip) tag at the end:

.Female Fox Avatar (nostrip)

This will make sure that no important parts of your avatar will be taken off, all other parts still can be removed as usual.