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AKA Trubble. Tracy originally joined SL in the dark ages (around 2004-2005) as a different avatar but due to a variety of system problems and not being able to get used to the viewer she finally managed to settle in as Tracy Rubble in October 2007.

She began creating content pretty much straight away, before going on to open her first store, RRDesigns in December 2007. This store was the basis on which Trubble was built after a move and rebrand in February 2008.

Trubble stayed open until around August 2010 when Tracy became eager to take a break and try new things. She'd spent time throughout the years she'd been in-world dancing, djing and taking photographs, but Tracy wanted to take her blogging a little further. had been sat around for a while, but was now finally in use.

In October 2010 Tracy realised how much she missed creating, so she got to work and Nzuri was born, which is open now, but will hopefully start building and get stronger after the summer of 2011.

In the future Tracy hopes to continue creating and blogging. She wants to make Nzuri and GforGirl popular and continue to enjoy the strange world inside SL.