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I am Tree Kyomoon in world and Ryan Cameron in RL. In RL I have some experience building Rich Internet Applications in the E-Learning vertical, predominately in flash actionscript.

I was present at the first AWG meeting and found it both informative and useful as an opportunity to help influence the development of the grid towards a platform for rich internet application development. Based on what I saw in the meeting, it appears that the approach of separating the agents from the region simulators will not only aid in making the system more robust than it is today, it will drastically increase the modularity of the grid, making it far more accessible to a wider range of uses.

In general I was very impressed with the group, very well cast by Zero et al, and I am also very impressed with Linden Lab and in particular Zero's transparency with respect to development and planning for the grid. I am personally and professionally the most interested in seeing it become the Rich Internet Application developer's tool of choice for simulation, marketing, environment sharing, content sharing, and collaboration.

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