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Look! A User Page!

This is a page where much will be talked about. Most notably, I will talk about the following:

  • Stuff
  • Things

Other non-Stuff and non-Things-related subjects may also appear from time to time.

Scripts and Such

Sim Rez: This is a simple implementation of warpPos for rezzing objects, so that you can rez an object and have it teleport somewhere in the sim immediately, without the need for using chat to tell it where to go.

Sort-of Slerp: I'm not sure how spherical linear interpolation is actually supposed to work, but the functions I've seen around do some things I don't like. I see some that don't move with constant angular velocity, which is something I want, at least in my applications. So here's an implementation of slerp with constant angular velocity, along with a generic function to rotate 'upright', or without roll. This is a fully-working example that you can drop into a plywood box and observe.

Touch HSL to RGB: This a chopped down part of a script I made for converting prim touches on a HSL map to RGB. It has 3 prims (which is really unnecessary when you can just do 3 faces) and doesn't include the textures and all.. It's really only here for reference to the actual HSL to RGB function itself.

Generic Door: Open-source door script that I made on commission on an alt. Please do not sell this unless it is a component in a product. The script itself is meant to be free.