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Hello, my name is Umbra Lunardi. I became an SL citizen in October of 2006 after having seen a video on Google about SL and Linden Lab. I joined out of curiosity and had no goals other than to see what the buzz was about. I am now an accomplished SL builder and have some experience in scripting. I have an especially optimistic view of SL and expect that this is currently a technology in its infancy, growing towards the miraculous creative communication that it may one day become. I encourage others to embrace a positive opinion of the Metaverse as well. I especially enjoy the social and educational aspects of SL and from a very early stage in my SL I have been active in helping new citizens get acquainted with SL and its somewhat steep learning curve. Although I met many helpful people in my first weeks, I rarely encountered a Mentor, which is why I have chosen to volunteer my time to the Mentor program.