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Valiant Westland

Perturbatio Requiro Sententia / “Passion Requires Thought”

I'm a biz/tech consultant who came here to prototype new ideas and products. By nature I'm a curious, adventurous, adrenaline-loving guy. In the RW I ski, motorcycle, jump out of airplanes, play soccer, dance, etc.

IMs CAPPED! Email me at

· Twitter

· Plurk

· Blog

· SLBuzz

· Facebook

Relay For Life in Second Life

One World, One Hope - Relay For Life!

· Official Donation Center Islands NE/219/73/652

· 100% of your donations go to Relay For Life and finding a Cure!

· Visit the Official Relay For Life web site


Providing a complete suite of Multiverse consulting services and solutions including:

· Vuturus Group / Friend Export

· Xstreet / SLX metaLIFE metaCARD Terminals

· hippoGROUPS, hippoVISIT, hippoSECURE, hippoRENT, hippoTELL, hippoGIFT, hippoUPDATE hippoWINDOWS, hippoIMAGE, hippoTELEPORT

· SMS Pro, Second Inventory, Temporal Gadgets, 3DOS

Together with Implementation, building, scripting, training and support services!

MetaTip ™

Providing FREE Second Life and Metaverse MetaTip™ information including:

· Optimizing The Second Life Client

· Enhanced ASCII Codes

· Using TinyURL for Customized Short SLURLs


Providing a complete suite of Multiverse consulting services and solutions <scroll down>

· e-Commerce Development

· Marketing and MetaBranding (TM)

· Virtual Business Management

· Multverse Integration

· Custom Software/Scripting

Second Inventory

Backup and protect all your creations - Skins, Textures, Scripts, Prims, Pictures, Clothes, Buildings, Gadgets and even complex multiprim objects to your local hard drive. Transfer your content to OpenSIM , ReactionGrid, 3rd Rock, etc!

Hippo Technologies

We are proud to sell and develop compatible solutions (Vuturus Group Export, etc) for this excellent line of SL technology. Purchase your hippo products from us and receive a FREE Laptop or server cabinet!


Watch Metanomics @ Vuturus Monday's 12PM SLT

Metanomics - the web's premier program about the business and policy of virtual worlds, with host Beyers Sellers. Great shows, innovative ideas, and wonderful people!