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I'm a resident since last days of September '06, and since those days I felt in love with the whole thing that means SL. Yes, a lot of people are in for the fun, money, sex, ... and they are great; but I really like for all and above all for SL. Still my time in SL is short of one year, and liking it for all could prove difficult to keep up. It is true that I really think that SL is making good marks on steps and pace.

I had a RL schedule, as we all have, and sometimes it may get very tight. Then, my time in world could be very short. Anyway, I am enjoining SL and I keep an eye on my next time slot for SL.

I like the community that I found when I joined SL, and that was one of reason that made SL important for me. I would like to contribute to it and also with it, and I will do as my possibilities could fit the needs. I joined the Volunteers Program, and I hope that soon I will do my part.

My mother language is Spanish, and I could communicate in English. The typing is slower and the misspelling higher ... lol ... but I like to meet people from around the world. I am more into interests, affinities and possibilities than on any language.

Aqui mi Dashboard[1].