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Joined Second Life Oct 31,2004. Founded Elf Clan and the Poetry Guild November 2004.

Wayfinder is best known for Elf Clan and ElvenWorks, both of which currently home at ElvenMyst sim.

Elf Clan quickly grew from a newbie group to being the first fantasy group on Second Life to top 500 members. Elf Clan won three Metaverse Awards in 2006 for noteable Group, Lands and Build (Odil's Fantasy Library at Darkwood). Elf Clan eventually came to have four group-funded island sims, which at this time is not unusual but was a remarkable and noted accomplishment for the day of 25,000 to 50,000 total Second Life residents.

From November 2006 to June 2007 Wayfinder and Elf Clan ceased support of the Second Life Platform, but returned to Second Life June 23, 2007. Details as well as further information regarding the group are found at the official website:

The Poetry Guild (now managed by Officer Hensonian Pennyfeather) became the largest and most active group of its genre, continuing to this date with weekly meetings and readings.