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Open Grid Public Beta Office Hour at Ambleside Airship Dock


  • Housekeeping
    1. If you have not been added to the 'gridnauts' group inworld please contact Whump Linden via IM or Notecard.
      • When you sign up for the gridnauts mailing list, he may not be able to figure out who your avatar is from your email address
      • You need to be in the group in order to authenticate to our agent domain
      • If you want to add an alt to the group, contact Whump, but limit it to one alt per list member.
      • Apologies in advance if you have to juggle groups.
    2. Between now and the 31st, please log into the Beta Grid with a release or RC viewer to make sure you can log in.
  • OpenSim Patch
    1. Zha Ewry has a patch for Open Sim running against our Agent Domain
    2. The patch will be available on the OpenSim GForge repository
    3. Thanks to Adam Zaius for hosting the patch
    4. Whump will attempt to make Ubuntu and Mac OS binaries
    5. Thanks to Dahlia Trimble for making a binary with Zha's original Mantis patch.