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I'm a Resident who has a huge passion for exploring in SecondLife's virtual world! I am mostly found around the remains of the Teen Grid, hanging around old friends and helping new residents find there place here, I often build some and you will also find me around the SLRR, being an avid fan of Railroading, I have started on a SecondLife documentary, that is been planned to be released Summer 2013. I have quite a history of secondlife and the friends I've made. The accounts I went through, and some builds I've done over my 5 years on SecondLife, I hope to continue playing for more years to come, this is a GREAT thing to play. :]

SecondLife has always played a part in my life by teaching me social skills in the real world, I have aspergers and have had difficulty socializing, Thanks to this amazing virtual world, it's REALLY helped! YOu will find me in alot fo mainline regions, possibly out in private Estates with my friends, I take photography in SecondLife, just as I do in real life. The only thing I dislike, is the four regions of the mainland Teen Grid (Or what's left of it) Hyperion, Loki, Hippoden, and Ni,have been turned into housing instead of the shops that used to grace the shores. Oh well, we all move on, hahaha! Shoot me a friend request or IM, I'm very friendly. I joined SecondLife on January 6th, 2008 on another account, but you wil find out about my SL history in the documentary. Anyways, hit me up on SL!!! Peace!!!

Skype: g3v0mast3r