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Can be found on twitter.

Wolfie Rankin is a resident of Eragon, Sharing the Island with Ryu and Kath, He owns the Kookaburra pub.

He is one of the ABC Friends Admin on ABC Island which is run by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Wolfie hosts a Live, Interactive, Music Quiz Show, called "Rockit" which is shared between ABC Island and Eragon.

Wolfie has completed a documentary on Secondlife, called "Alter Ego" produced by December Films

There's also a very brief appearance in the Australian Feature Film "Beautiful Kate"

He was Radio Announcer who worked for community station 979FM in Melton, Victoria, Australia and still does some radio work online, but not recently, mainly due to software problems.

He Identifies as Therianthrope but Furry is close enough, His avatar is almost always a wolf.

Blogs and More

Name Notes
Wolfies' World A random mélange of thoughts and ideas. (Blogspot Version)
Wolfies' World A collection of much more serious thinking (Wordpress Version)
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Photobucket Mainly Secondlife Images, BTW It's pronounced Photo Boo-kay, Dear.
Youtube 1 Original Youtube page
Youtube 2 New Youtube page
Dailymotion Dailymotion
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